How Kazakhstan Became a Player in the Global Mineral Trade
Via the New York Times, a look at how Kazakhstan’s bounty has enriched the country and grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs scrambling to control the ingredients needed to fight climate change: [...]
Exhausting the Desert: Cash, Concrete, and Cucumbers in Jordan
Courtesy of Synaps, commentary on the sustainability – or lack thereof – of Jordan’s water-based economy: Drive through Jordan in springtime, and you could easily forget that the [...]
Tajikistan: Without Reform, Central Asia’s Growth Champion Faces Tougher Times
Via Emerging Europe, a report on Tajikistan: In order for Tajikistan to ensure sustainable development, it needs to implement structural reforms focused on enhancing economic openness and competitive [...]
The Chinese Base That Isn’t There
Courtesy of the New York Times, a look at how new port facilities and the months-long presence of Chinese warships in Cambodia show Beijing’s growing global influence: In 2020, something curious [...]
The Middle East’s Oil Giants Have Entered the Critical Minerals Race
Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a look at how the Middle East hydrocarbon firms are ensuring they have a seat at the critical mineral table: Oil may be the lifeblood of many Middle Eastern economies, but [...]
The Winners From U.S.-China Decoupling
Via Foreign Policy, a report on how – from Malaysia to Mexico – some countries are gearing up to benefit from economic fragmentation: A full decoupling of the Chinese and Western [...]

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