Zain: The Remarkable Story of a Small Kuwaiti Telecoms Firm that Became a Global Giant
Via Emerging World, a review of a book on a sleepy Kuwaiti telecoms firm which surged to prominence on the back of visionary leadership and a string of acquisitions, most notably a big bet on Africa [...]
China To Push BRI During Visits to Indonesia, Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea
Via South China Morning Post, an article on China’s top diplomat Wang Yi’s plans to push belt and road during visits to Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea: Foreign Minister Wang Yi will [...]
Spirit of the Desert: Whisky and Water In Rajashtan, India
Via Aquatech, an interesting look at how Diageo is working with the local community to improve water security in the region of its Alwar distillery, which is based in an arid region of northeast [...]
India’s Efforts To Build Energy Interdependence With Sri Lanka
Via the Lowy Institute, a look at how India’s takeover of the Trincomalee Oil Tank Farm will help build energy interdependence with Sri Lanka India has recently moved to take effective control over [...]
Mexico Presidential Frontrunner Pledges $13.6 Billion For Energy Investments
Via Reuters, a report on the Mexico presidential frontrunner pledge of $13.6 billion for energy investments: The favorite to win Mexico’s presidential election in June, Claudia Sheinbaum, on [...]
Southeast Asia’s Potential in Critical Minerals
Via the Australia Strategic Policy Institute, a report on Southeast Asia’s potential in critical minerals: Global critical mineral demand is expected to increase dramatically in coming decades, [...]

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