Iraq Unveils $17 Billion Plan to Become Regional Transportation Hub
Via Tasnim News, a report on Iraq’s ambitions plans to become a regional transportation hub: Iraq presented an ambitious plan on Saturday to establish itself as a regional transportation hub by [...]
Accelerating U.S. Trade With Kazakhstan
Via The Wall Street Journal, commentary on how a Cold War sanctions program, designed to help Soviet Jews, bars Kazakhstan from normal trade with the U.S.: Kazakhstan has been a free country for more [...]
Studious Investors Stand To Benefit From Opportunities In Africa
Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on how discerning fund managers say Africa can provide lucrative and stable returns: Africa presents something of a conundrum for the world’s biggest [...]
Why US Tech Giants Need Africa
Courtesy of Project Syndicate, a look at – while Big Tech companies are investing heavily in Africa – their poor track record on disinformation and privacy, and their lack of interest in [...]
US Reviews $250 Million Investment in Congo-Angola Rail Link
Via Bloomberg, a report that the US Development Finance Corp. is conducting due diligence for a potential $250 million financing package for the Lobito Atlantic Railway Corridor, which runs from [...]
Why Many Indonesians Think Jokowi Fumbled Chinese High-Speed Rail Diplomacy, Even As It Nears Completion
Via China Global South, commentary on why many Indonesians think Jokowi fumbled Chinese high-speed rail diplomacy: The China-backed high-speed train that runs from Jakarta to Bandung, two main cities [...]

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