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Tunisia’s Response to Bread Shortages Bode Ill for Its Economic Stability

Courtesy of Stratfor’s Rane Worldview, analysis of Tunisia’s ill thought out response to bread shortages: Tunisia’s struggle to mitigate widespread bread shortages risks eroding its authoritarian president’s popularity, triggering social unrest, and delaying the disbursement of needed funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On Aug. 19, the Tunisian government announced that it would resupply flour […]

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Stifled at Home, Tunisian Tech Finds Success in the West

Via Rest of World, a report on Tunisian tech entrepreneurs who – buoyed by recent acquisitions of InstaDeep and Expensya – are looking outside the country for clients: Tunisian tech startups have been looking to global markets for clients, particularly in the U.S., U.K., and the European Union. Entrepreneurs and experts believe the domestic market […]

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Saudi Arabia to Give Tunisia $500M Amid Economic Crisis

Via Al Monitor, an article on Tunisia’s economic lifeline from Saudi Arabia as it continues to seek help from the kingdom as well as the EU and the IMF as it battles debt and inflation: Saudi Arabia announced $500 million in assistance to Tunisia on Thursday as the North African country continues to struggle with an economic and […]

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Experts Pour Cold Water On Tunisia BRICS ‘Bid’

Via Al Monitor, a report on Tunisia’s potential bid to join the BRICS block, Analysts are skeptical about an announcement made by supporters of Tunisia’s populist President Kais Saied that the North African country wants to join BRICS, a group of leading emerging economies comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa that is often […]

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A U.S. / Tunisia Free Trade Agreement?

Via Foreign Policy, some commentary on Tunisia and the possibility of US / Tunisia free trade agreement: House Rules Committee chairman David Dreier (R-CA) announced last week during a visit to Tunis that he intends to head an initiative to propose a free trade agreement between the United States and Tunisia, which experienced a popular […]

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Mobius’ Emerging Opportunities

Via The Financial Times, an interesting look at which emerging markets Mark Mobius (executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management) is focusing on, in spite of the recent credit-related financial turmoil.  As the article notes, Mobius has long been at the forefront of drawing investors toward frontier markets, including Bangladesh, Botswana, Estonia and Tunisia, and now […]

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