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Will BRICS Expansion Finally End Western Economic and Geopolitical Dominance?

Via Geopolitical Monitor, an article on BRICS expansion and its potential impact on the West’s economic and geopolitical dominance: Following the conclusion of the 2023 BRICS meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa, the official summit declaration announced that in January 2024 the BRICS group of emerging market economies would undertake in the words of the Chinese President […]

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Argentina Pulls Out of Plans to Join BRICS Bloc

Courtesy of BBC, a report that Argentina’s new President, Javier Milei, has withdrawn the country from its planned entry into the expanding Brics club of nations: Argentina’s new President, Javier Milei, has withdrawn the country from its planned entry into the expanding Brics club of nations: In a letter to the leaders of Brazil, Russia, […]

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Why BRICS Matters For Pakistan

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on why the BRICS matter for Pakistan: “BRICS can act as a catalyst for the operationalization of the Pakistan foreign policy objective aimed at prioritizing economic security over the strategic security”. In the chaotic multipolar world order, the emerging economies are paving their way towards prosperity and development, trying to bypass great power […]

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BRICS Influence in Africa Grows with TV Media Deals

Via Semafor, a report on how BRICS influence in Africa is growing with TV media deals: The BRICS economic bloc of countries is aggressively expanding its media presence in Africa through its Moscow-headquartered broadcast network to counter Western narratives in the Global South. TV BRICS — which is centered on programming from member countries Brazil, […]

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The Possible Outcomes If Indonesia Joins BRICS

Via Modern Diplomacy, commentary on possible outcomes if Indonesia were to join the BRICS: Before we delve further into the complexity of the possibilities that could occur if Indonesia joins BRICS, it is important to know what BRICS is and the agenda it has. BRICS is an association of 5 countries consisting of Brazil, Russia, […]

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Building BRICS — A  Limited Win for China and Warning for the U.S.

Via The Wire China, commentary on how Washington needs to do more to keep the swing states of the Global South onside; The recent decision by the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — to expand the group’s membership made splashy headlines. But now it is time to assess what this move means […]

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