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Igniting a Petrowar: Venezuela Votes To Annex Guyana

Via Heat Map, an article on Venezuela’s recent vote to annex their oil-rich neighbor, Guyana: Under pressure from the U.S. to hold a free and fair election, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro upped the ante. On Sunday, the nation went to the polls — to vote to invade its neighbor and the world’s newest petrostate, Guyana. Approval was […]

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A Record Oil Gusher Infuses Tiny Guyana With Wealth and Worries

Via the Wall Street Journal, a look at how Guyana has become the next energy powerhouse, bringing jobs, rib-eye steaks—and a jarring new reality: New supermarkets here are stocked with prime Texas rib-eyes. A recently opened waterfront hotel offers executive suites for $750 per night. The national cricket team, the Amazon Warriors, is getting a new […]

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Chevron follows Exxon to Guyana’s Oil Riches

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on Chevron’s following of Exxon to open a controversial fossil fuel frontier in one of Latin America’s poorest nations: Chevron’s deal to buy Hess last week for $53bn gives the US supermajor access to one of the hottest prospects in the global resources industry: Guyana’s 11bn barrels of […]

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Why Did Chevron Covet Hess? Because of Guyana.

Via HeatMap, commentary on Guyana’s role in Chevron’s recent acquisition of Hess: The much-predicted wave of oil consolidation is happening. The oil giant Chevron announced on Monday it was acquiring rival Hess in a deal worth $53 billion. This comes weeks after ExxonMobil announced a merger with Pioneer Natural Resources in a similarly sized deal. […]

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Guyana’s Oil Boom Captures Attention of Global Energy Powers 

Via National Interest, commentary on how Washington cannot allow China to secure another oil-rich ally in the region by buying up strategic assets in the country: In the race for control over the world’s energy market, China has set its sights on an unlikely target. Vast discoveries of offshore oil deposits in Guyana have turned the country […]

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