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Guyana Banks On Future As A ‘Latin Qatar’

Via The Guardian, an article on Guyana which – with newfound oil wealth reshaping the economy – is attempting to balance growth with sustainable development: Rebecca Parasnath is 23 and lives in a wooden stilt house without electricity or sewer connections on the outskirts of Georgetown, Guyana. Like much of the city, her neighbourhood, Wortmanville, is […]

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Guyana: Is Exxon Creating The World’s Next Petrostate?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at the giant Exxon project that could create the world’s last petrostate But critics fear the oil bonanza will turn Guyana into a victim of the ‘resources curse’: Inside a drab six-storey office block in a residential street in Guyana’s capital Georgetown, a team of ExxonMobil executives are […]

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Guyana: Further Growth Predicted For Booming Economy

Via Global Finance, a brief look at Guyana: Once regarded as the forgotten nation of South America due to its historically low levels of trade activity and remote geographical position, Guyana has morphed into the world’s fastest-growing economy in the last two years. And it looks set to keep growing at an impressive pace in the years […]

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Namibia’s Oil Riches May Require Large Developments Mirroring Guyana’s,

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on Namibia’s growing hydrocarbons potential: Companies have discovered ‘a big chunk of oil’ off Namibia TotalEnergies expects to begin first Namibia project next year Namibia’s oil potential could one day match Guyana, where big discoveries have sparked an economic transformation and set the world’s biggest companies jostling for position. There’s a […]

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How Guyana Became Latin America’s Leading Development Lab

Via Project Syndicate, a look at how Guyana became Latin America’s leading development lab by using its fossil-fuel windfalls to drive sustainable socioeconomic development: Guyana is on the cusp of a profound socioeconomic transformation unlike any seen in Latin America and the Caribbean. Despite its small population of roughly 800,000, it boasts the world’s fastest-growing economy. […]

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Is Guyana’s Oil a Blessing or a Curse?

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on how – more than any single country – Guyana demonstrates the struggle between the consequences of climate change and the lure of the oil economy: Basjit Mahabir won’t let me in. I’m trying to persuade Mr. Mahabir to open the padlocked gate of the Wales Estate, […]

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