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Building BRICs In Africa?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, two interesting – and contrasting – viewpoints on the potential for Africa (South Africa, in particular) to join the league of BRICs.  First, the argument in support of Africa’s likely potential: The visit by South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma to China this week with a large entourage of businesspeople and […]

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Japan’s Push Into BRICs and MINTS

Courtesy of The Economist, an interesting look at Japanese firms’ push into emerging markets.  As the article notes: IT IS the “new frontier”, says Japan’s trade ministry. Japanese firms have at last noticed that emerging markets are growing much faster than rich ones. And though they were late to the dance, they have brought some […]

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China, Oil, and Southern Sudan

Courtesy of Upstream Online, an interesting report on China’s concerns over what might happen to its Sudanese oil assets if Southern Sudan secedes.  As the article notes: “…Oil-rich Southern Sudan, which gained semi-autonomy in a 2005 peace deal that ended a 21-year civil war in which 2 million people died, is to vote in a […]

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Frontier Markets

Via Thomson-Reuters, an interesting article on how dwindling major market returns have put a renewed focus on frontier markets such as Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Ukraine.  As the report notes: “…Josephine Jimenez has a chunk of money to invest and she is hunting for opportunities in the usual places — Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, among […]

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China’s Amazon Adventure

Courtesy of Reuters, an examination of China’s surge of investment into Brazil as companies seek to secure resources and tap the rising consumer class in Latin America’s largest economy.  As the report notes: “…From virtually nowhere, China has rocketed to become the biggest foreign direct investor in Brazil this year with purchases ranging from iron […]

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Chequing In On Myanmar’s Junta

Via Reuters, an interesting update on Chinese investment in Myanmar.  As the article notes: “…China has pumped $8.17 billion into military-run Myanmar in the current fiscal year, accounting for two thirds its total investment over the past two decades, official data showed on Monday. Energy projects formed the bulk of the investment, with $5 billion […]

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