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China’s Confidence in Long Term Value of Oil: Chinese Takeover of Russian Oil

From Robert Amsterdam’s insightful blog, an interesting analysis of recent high level agreements between China and Russia in the energy field.  As the article notes “…First let’s review what China is throwing into Russia, and what they expect to receive in return. Under significant pressure to refinance company debt, state-owned oil company Rosneft has managed […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Ponders A Pipeline Loan to Russia

Stratfor (subscription required) provided an excellent analysis of the recent discussions between China and Russia over a potential $20 -$25 billion loan to Russian state-owned companies Transneft and Rosneft to build a connector to the Eastern Siberian Pacific Ocean pipeline and ship oil to China.  As the article notes: “…China is pondering giving Russia’s state-owned […]

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GOPEC, Go Figure…

Via The Financial Times, another look at the possibility of a Gas OPEC (GOPEC) and, more specifically, the unlikelihood of its success until LNG infrastructure becomes more pervasive around the world.  As the article notes “…Exactly 35 years ago, the Arab oil embargo sent western economies into their worst downturn of the postwar period. So […]

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No Russian Oil Pipeline To China in 2009

Via Energy Daily, a report that a partially built Russian oil pipeline to Asia will not be connected to China in 2009.  As noted in the article, a spur planned to be built from the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline to the Chinese border in 2009 cannot be put into operation next year: “…China has […]

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Africa’s Proposed Single Free Trade Zone

Via Stratfor (subscription required), a close look at the recent announcement that leaders from three regional African trading blocs agreed to harmonize their organizations and form a single free trade zone. The move will bring together the 26 countries that comprise the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the East African Community (EAC) […]

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Azerbaijan: Dancing Between the West and Russia

Via The New York Times, an interesting look at Azerbaijan, the small, oil-rich country on the Caspian Sea, which has balanced the interests of Russia (to its north) and the United States since it won its independence from the Soviet Union.  But since Russia and Georgia fought a short war this summer, its path has […]

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