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Saudi Arabia Unveils $207M Geological Project To Tap Arabian Shield Region

Via Arab News, a report that Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled a US$207M geological mapping project to tap Arabian Shield region which features the substantial involvement of the Chinese Geological Survey: Saudi Arabia is set to build a vast database of topographic insights and explore huge swathes of mineral deposits in the Arabian Shield region, […]

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Saudi Tries Rebuilding A ‘Destroyed’ Yemen

Via Al Monitor, a look at Saudi efforts to rebuild Yemen: The hospital in southern Yemen was decked out with roses and red carpet runners last week for a ribbon-cutting ceremony in its cardiac wing, newly refurbished with Saudi funds. Many patients, however, had been cleared from the air-conditioned lobby and forced to wait for […]

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U.S. Eyes Mideast-India Transport Network To Counter China

Courtesy Nikkei Asia, a report on U.S. talks with Saudi Arabia, India and the United Arab Emirates about a massive transport infrastructure project as Washington steps up engagement with the Middle East to counter China’s influence: The U.S. is talks with Saudi Arabia, India and the United Arab Emirates about a massive transport infrastructure project […]

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19 Countries Express Interest in Joining BRICS

Courtesy of RANE Worldview, a report on growing interest amongst countries to join BRICS: What Happened: South Africa’s ambassador to BRICS (the informal bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) said 19 countries had expressed an interest in joining the bloc, which will meet in Cape Town on June 2-3 to discuss enlargement, […]

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Saudi Arabia Launches Special Economic Zones

Via Geo Politics of South Asia and MENA, a report on Saudi Arabia’s four (4) new Special Economic Zones: According to Saudi Gazette, Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, who is also chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, launched on Thursday four new Special Economic Zones in Saudi Arabia. The […]

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Vision 2030 Projects Trigger Real Estate Boom In Saudi Arabia

Via Arab News, a report on the growing real estate boom in Saudi Arabia: With multibillion-dollar projects related to the Vision 2030 strategy, Saudi Arabia’s real estate sector is expected to witness a record boom, real estate experts told Arab News. The expected growth in the sector, they say, will be driven by foreign investors […]

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