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Mexico Weighs Options to Absorb $40 Billion of Pemex Debt

Via Bloomberg, a report on the Mexican government’s plans for Pemex: Mexico is studying options to absorb as much as $40 billion in Pemex debt, the equivalent of what will come due in the next presidential term, one of its top finance officials told investors in New York. The government is considering options that could […]

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Mexico Presidential Frontrunner Pledges $13.6 Billion For Energy Investments

Via Reuters, a report on the Mexico presidential frontrunner pledge of $13.6 billion for energy investments: The favorite to win Mexico’s presidential election in June, Claudia Sheinbaum, on Monday outlined a plan to invest $13.57 billion in new energy generation projects through 2030. The ambitious program plans to increase wind and solar power generation and […]

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Pemex: World’s Most Indebted Oil Company

Via The Economist, a look at Pemex and why the Mexican government is propping it up: It is rare for the CEO of a company to admit to being anxious. But when, on October 9th, Octavio Romero, head of Pemex, Mexico’s national oil company, appeared before lawmakers, he came close to doing so. Mr Romero […]

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Billions in Oil Riches Vanish in Latin America as Pemex Stumbles

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on how Pemex has seen its crude output decline almost every year since 2004 as mismanagement, debt and failing projects drag down Mexico’s oil giant: The rebound in oil prices over the last two years brought in record profits for the world’s largest crude producers, shoring up local economies and boosting jobs. Despite the fanfare, […]

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Pemex’s Losses Deepen Mexico’s Financial Woes

Via STRATFOR (subscription required), a short report on Pemex: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s failure to strengthen Pemex’s finances and shore up domestic oil production will exacerbate Mexico’s public finance woes from COVID-19.  On Aug. 24, Mexico’s state-owned energy giant Pemex reported its lowest level of monthly crude oil production since 1979, with the company’s […]

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Mexico’s Pemex: From Cash Cow To Resource Drain

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at Pemex: At the end of 2016, Pemex came up with a new strategy: it would focus exclusively on profitable activities. The plan, a no-brainer for most businesses, was a novelty for Mexico’s state oil company, a national champion created in 1938 after Mexico expropriated US and UK […]

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