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Mongolia In The Middle: China and Russia May Split Over the Allure of Renewables

Via The Interpreter, commentary on how Mongolia – with an abundance of solar and wind power – is set to impact Sino-Russian relations: Mongolia, sandwiched as it is between China and Russia, the world’s two most powerful authoritarian states, is unlucky. Its rich solar and wind potential may prove to be a curse, not a […]

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Ethiopia Applied To The BRICS

Via Al Jazeera, a report that Ethiopia has applied to join the BRICS bloc of emerging economies: Ethiopia, one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, has asked to join the BRICS bloc of emerging markets, the foreign ministry said on Thursday. The term BRIC was coined by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill in 2001 to describe the […]

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Rosatom To Mine Lithium in Bolivia

Via Vedomosti, a report that Rosatom will mine lithium in Bolivia, an investment estimated at $600 million: Uranium One (U1) , which is part of the state corporation Rosatom , has won a tender to develop a lithium deposit in Bolivia. This was reported to Vedomosti by a representative of Techsnabexport (TENEX; the head office […]

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What Wagner’s Mutiny Means for Its Sprawling African Business Empire

Courtesy of Bloomberg, an article on how the Russian mercenary group’s commercial network in the Central African Republic is set to come under pressure: The two men, rifles strapped to their backs, huddle together in the grass. Bright flashes appear in their hands — Molotov cocktails, which they hurl high over a barbed wire fence […]

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From Ghana to Zambia: 31 African Cities To Exceed 5M People by 2040

Via McKinsey, a look at the 31 African cities projected to exceed 5m people by 2040: According to a recent McKinsey report, by 2040, there will be 31 cities in Africa with populations in excess of five million. Over the next 20 years, more than 500 million people are expected to move to African cities, […]

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Rwanda’s Push to be Africa’s Financial Hub Attracts Leading Fintech Startups

Via Semafor, a look at Rwanda’s push to be Africa’s financial hub by attracting leading fintech startups: KIGALI, Rwanda – Two of Africa’s biggest fintech players are expanding their operations in Rwanda, which is pushing to position itself as a strategically important hub for the fintech sector by revamping its business laws and tax code. […]

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