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Burmese Dreams?

While not specifically investment oriented, an interesting New York Times Op-Ed on Myanmar and the likely path forward in this enigmatic country & market in the short-term: The U.S. decision to engage with Myanmar’s generals is a recognition of reality, however brutal. Years of sanctions have failed. Emotional support for the jailed opposition leader Daw […]

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Uganda’s Oil

Via The New York Times, some details on Uganda’s recent oil discovery.  As the article notes: “…The discovery of 800 million barrels of oil has been confirmed in Uganda by Tullow Oil, Europe’s largest independent oil producer. The find is valued at $50 billion — and it appears that’s just the start. In an interview […]

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Is Capitalism Coming To North Korea?

Courtesy of Fortune, an interesting article on an American entrepreneur who is trying to set up a university in North Korea that would offer, among other things, an MBA program.  As the report notes: “…James Kim, an American businessman turned educator, once sat in the very last place that anyone in the world would wish […]

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CNOOC’ing On Nigeria’s Door…

Via The Globe and Mail, a report that China is in talks with Nigeria to buy large stakes in some of the world’s richest oil blocs in a deal that would eclipse Beijing’s previous efforts to secure crude overseas.  As the article notes: “…The attempt could pitch the Chinese into competition with western oil groups, […]

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Angola’s Economic Growth: Dynamic Chaos

Via The Wall Street Journal, an article on Angola’s rapid economic growth.  As the report notes: “…Nearly 35 years after winning independence from Portugal, Angola is being populated by its former colonizer once again — this time by professionals and scores of workers laid off amid the economic slump. Luis Amaro, a sales manager for […]

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Iran’s Axis of Investment: Mixed Results

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an interesting review of Iran’s trade agreements with African and Central & Latin American countries.  As the article notes, success has been mixed to date: “…a close, on-site examination of some of Iran’s projects on two continents — in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Senegal — reveals mixed results. Some efforts, […]

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