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The Ethiopia-Somaliland Port Deal Could Sink Djibouti’s Economy

Via World Politics Review, a look at how the proposed Ethiopia-Somaliland port deal could sink Djibouti’s economy: With a population of just over 1 million people and few tangible resources, Djibouti has long depended on its strategic location alongside the Gulf of Aden and at the entrance to the Red Sea as its main economic asset.   […]

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Ethiopia’s Timely Sea Access Deal With Somaliland

Via Geopolitical Futures, commentary on Ethiopia’s sea access deal with Somaliland: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s announcement on Jan. 1 of a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland marked a pivotal moment in his country’s long search for unrestricted access to the sea. The agreement would grant Ethiopia access to 20 kilometers (12 miles) of coastline, […]

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Somaliland: Dialing Up 5G Against All Odds

Via Quartz, a report that Somaliland is one of the first low-income countries to roll out the high-speed network: Somaliland, the breakaway region of Somalia, is making a bold leap into the future by embracing 5G technology. This rollout, amidst ongoing security concerns, poverty, hunger and a complex humanitarian situation, marks a significant step in the country’s reconstruction and development efforts. […]

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The Drivers and Risks of Ethiopia’s Historic Pact With Somaliland

Courtesy of Stratfor RANE’s Worldview, analysis of the drivers and risks of Ethiopia’s historic pact with Somaliland: Ethiopia’s historical deal with Somaliland granting it commercial and military access to the port of Berbera is part of Addis Ababa’s ambition to reestablish a green-water navy, but the deal’s implementation will likely reshape the politics of the […]

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Ethiopia Offers Airline Stake to Somaliland for Sea Access

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report that Ethiopia offered Somaliland a stake in Ethiopian Airlines in return for sea access: Agreement will give Somaliland stake in Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopia’s Hussein says details will be ironed out in a month Ethiopia signed a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, to gain access to the […]

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Ethiopia Signs Pact to Use Somaliland’s Red Sea Port

Courtesy of Reuters, a report on Ethiopian plans to use Somaliland’s Red Sea port: Landlocked Ethiopia signed an initial agreement with Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland on Monday to use its Red Sea port of Berbera, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office said. The Horn of Africa country currently relies on neighbouring Djibouti for most of […]

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