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The Horn Of Africa States: The Region Can Do Better

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn Of Africa States: The Horn of Africa States region commands the major waterway, which connects the Indian ocean to the Suez Canal including the chokepoint of Bab El Mandab Straits. It is a troubled region, which neighbors the economically rising West Asian states of the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, […]

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Deal or No Deal: Somaliland Bargains for Recognition

Via The Economist, a look at Somaliland’s potential: The text is secret and the deal might yet fall through. But the memorandum of understanding signed by Ethiopia and Somaliland on January 1st has sent shock waves through the Horn of Africa. Somaliland, which declared its independence from Somalia in 1991, says that Ethiopia will become the […]

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Djibouti vs Berbera: A Deep-Sea Duel

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a look at how – by looking to increase its maritime access in recent months – landlocked Ethiopia has rekindled a rivalry between its two neighbouring ports. But it looks to be an unequal battle, with Djibouti on top for the foreseeable future: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s recurrent demands for […]

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Somaliland President: Contentious Ethiopia Port Deal Can Deter Red Sea Assaults

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on the contentious deal that Somaliland has struck with Ethiopia to lease a strip of land near the entrance to the Red Sea: The contentious deal that Somaliland has struck with Ethiopia to lease a strip of land near the entrance to the Red Sea would help “secure […]

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An East African Port Deal the World Should Applaud

Via The National Interest, commentary on how – although many are skeptical of the newly announced deal between Ethiopia and Somaliland – it has the potential to benefit the entire region of the Horn of Africa, Egypt, and the Red Sea: Many countries’ skepticism of a recently announced deal that gives Ethiopia naval basing rights in […]

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The Ethiopia-Somaliland Port Deal Could Sink Djibouti’s Economy

Via World Politics Review, a look at how the proposed Ethiopia-Somaliland port deal could sink Djibouti’s economy: With a population of just over 1 million people and few tangible resources, Djibouti has long depended on its strategic location alongside the Gulf of Aden and at the entrance to the Red Sea as its main economic asset.   […]

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