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Turkmenistan’s Ongoing Gas Quandary

Via The Diplomat, reports of a late resolution of a dispute with a Chinese supplier show further problems in Turkmenistan’s gas industry: Turkmenistan’s gas industry has struggled to adjust to the new regional market configuration, with Russia dropping it as a supplier, China becoming its sole reliable customer, and the TAPI pipeline construction lagging behind. Structural […]

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Iran’s First Mobile Network Operator Has A 58% Market Share

Via Techrasa, a look at Iran’s mobile phone market: During a recent event, CEO of Iran’s first mobile network operator (MCI) gave a performance review of the company to the public. MCI currently owns 58% of the SIM cards sold in the country. Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, also known as MCI or Hamrah-e Aval […]

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Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan Should Take a Regional Approach To Start-Ups

Via Bourse & Bazaar, a report on the potential for Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to take a regional approach to start-ups: Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan host some of most interesting and promising start-ups in Southwest Asia. Entrepreneurship and innovation are neither new nor foreign imports to the region. Cities and towns in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan make […]

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Mishandled China-Pakistan Economic Corridor could misfire

Via the Center for Strategic and International Studies’s Reconnecting Asia project, a look at how Islamabad may be attempting too much, too fast amid mounting debt problems: It has been a tumultuous two years in Pakistan and China’s regional interactions. Since it was launched on April 20, 2015, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has sparked praise, skepticism, […]

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New Silk Road Or New Great Game? India Developing New Sri Lanka Port To Combat China

Via Forbes, a look at Sri Lanka and India’s efforts to develop Trincomalee port in the northeast of Sri Lanka: As regional powers like China, Russia, Japan, and India vie for political and economic position throughout the eastern realms of Eurasia, many of the less powerful countries caught in the middle are employing what could be […]

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How Chávez and Maduro Have Impoverished Venezuela

Courtesy of The Economist, a detailed look at Venezuela’s economic crisis: IT IS hard to convey the severity of Venezuela’s unfolding crisis. Its extent is astounding: the economy shrank by 10% last year, and will be 23% smaller than in 2013 by the end of this year, according to IMF forecasts. Inflation may exceed 1,600% […]

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