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‘Black Gold’ For Guyana And Suriname: Blessing Or Curse?

Via Oil & Gas Daily, an article on Guyana and Suriname resource potential: Emerging as potential oil powers while the world seeks to wean itself off planet-warming fossil fuels, poverty-stricken South American neighbors Guyana and Suriname say they have to cash in while they can. The former Dutch colonies are among the world’s most tree-covered countries, […]

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Small Oil Producers Benefiting From Russia Sanctions

Via Asia Times, a report on how smaller oil producers such as Ghana, Guyana and Suriname are benefiting from the Russian sanctions: As the US and Europe cut back purchases of Russian oil, and energy traders shun it for fear of sanctions, the search is on for other sources. Attention has focused on Iran and Venezuela, both of which are led by […]

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Suriname: The Next Big Oil Player?

Via The National Interest, an article on how the Republic of Suriname might become South America’s newest energy power: The Republic of Suriname might become South America’s newest energy power. American Apache and French Total just announced the discovery or significant oil deposits offshore.  Suriname is both poor and thinly populated. It also is highly […]

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Suriname: The Land Alcoa Damned

Via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, a detailed look at Suriname, where a struggling country’s past and future has been shaped by Alcoa and its aluminum: It electrified this South American country even as it drowned a jungle, so the 1.2-mile-long dam Alcoa built here to harness the Suriname River is more than stone and turbines. It’s a symbol, […]

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