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The Second World: Key Players in the Geopolitical Marketplace

An excellent piece in yesterday’s New York Times magazine effectively argues that the US’s position in the global order of things is changing and, that in addition to the three powers in today’s world (i.e. the U.S., China and the European Union), a set of “second world” nations that are part developed & part developing […]

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Gazprom Drilling Deeper into Europe

The Wall Street Journal has a piece today on Gazprom’s aggressive moves into retail natural-gas markets in Europe (with plans to sell gas and power directly to consumers), part of the WSJ’s diligent reporting on the decline of Big Oil in favor of state-owned companies with access to huge, home-grown reserves, and the technology-laden oil […]

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Algeria & Norway Work Together to Compete with Big Oil

For some time, we have looked at the trend of state-owned energy giants to increasingly join forces to expand internationally, a worrying sign for Western oil companies already besieged by the global stampede to find new reserves. As the Wall Street journal reported today, a prime example how state-backed national giants are competing more aggressively […]

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Argentina and Bolivia’s Northeast Argentine Pipeline; A Feeble Attempt to Balance Brazil’s Growing Might

Stratfor (subscription required) recently reported that Argentine and Bolivian leaders kicked off the $1.8 billion Northeast Argentine Pipeline (GNEA) project in Buenos Aires on Jan. 25.  While this has important ramifications for the South American hydrocarbon picture, Stratfor insightfully notes that this is just another harbinger that the geopolitical structure of South America is changing:  […]

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A Scramble to Exploit Africa’s Significant Gas Reserves

As reported in a recent Financial Times article, with Europe concerned over Russia’s political motives in exploiting its energy wealth and big international companies shut out or deterred from investing in the Middle East, many eyes have turned to Africa in the hope of securing future supplies of gas. However, as companies scramble to gain […]

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“Gas OPEC” to Be Discussed again in June

As reported by Iran’s Shana news, gas-producing countries are planning to again discuss the idea of forming a “gas OPEC” along the lines of the existing oil organization in June in Moscow.  According to the article, members of the existing Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) had appointed an expert to look at the idea of […]

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