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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Have Become A Major Force In Oil Industry

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an interesting report on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Engineering Contractor Khatam ol-Anbia: As relations continue to thaw between the West and Iran, Tehran hopes to lure major oil companies back to invest in its all-important energy sector. But any oil firms that return to Iran will find a new force […]

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China’s Global Search For Energy

Courtesy of the New York Times, an interesting look at China’s global search for energy: Whether by diplomacy, investment or in extreme cases, force, China is going to great lengths to satisfy its growing hunger for energy to fuel its expanding car fleet and electrify its swelling cities. The Chinese government showed that desire on […]

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Russia, China Agree To Natural Gas Deal

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed analysis of Russia and China’s natural gas agreement: Russia and China struck a long-awaited deal on natural gas May 21, according to Alexei Miller, the CEO of Russian natural gas giant Gazprom. According to the provisions of the deal, which is worth $400 billion, Russia will supply 38 […]

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Cuba’s Economy

Via Capitalist Exploits, an interesting look at the Cuban economy: If the secret to economic prosperity was the erection of Che Guevara murals, Cuba would be the wealthiest nation on Earth. Unfortunately, revolutions are meant as transitions between an inferior form of government, and one that is supposed to be better. Revolution itself isn’t a […]

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Investors In Egypt: Holding Their Nerve On The Nile

Via The Economist, an interesting look at investing in Egypt: A WOMAN with shiny brown locks stares down from billboards at motorists navigating Cairo’s chaotic streets. This is how TREsemmé, an American hair-care brand, introduced itself to Egyptians in February. At 65 Egyptian pounds ($9.25), a large bottle of shampoo is not cheap. Yet Unilever […]

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Turkmen Natural Gas Through Iran

Via STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting look at a potential land route for Turkmen gas to Europe: With Russian opposition to the Trans-Caspian pipeline likely to impede its construction for the short to medium term, Turkmenistan is looking for a land route to reach European consumers. The pipeline network has about 10 billion cubic meters […]

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