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Shaking Up Investment In Senegal

Via African Business, an article on how huge oil and gas discoveries and port investments are reshaping Senegal: On the outskirts of a dusty village around 70km northeast of Dakar lies the largest windfarm in West Africa. Stretching across 41 hectares, the Taiba N’Diaye wind power project boasts 46 wind turbines and a total generation capacity of […]

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Dreams Of Becoming Africa’s Singapore

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on three places that dream of becoming Africa’s Singapore: Small, landlocked, and with few natural resources, Rwanda lacks an obvious route to riches. But a new international financial centre in Kigali, its capital, offers a clue to the government’s strategy. It has passed new laws to encourage investment and […]

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What Is Turkey Doing In Africa?

Via GZero, a look at Turkey’s increasing interest in Africa: If you had to guess which current world leader has made the most trips to Africa, who would you say? China’s Xi Jinping? Nope, hardly — he’s been there just four times. France’s Emmanuel Macron? Pas de tout. The answer may surprise you: it’s Turkish President […]

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Is Cambodia the Next Asian Tiger?

Via Newsweek, an article on Cambodia is on course to be the next Asian Tiger, and that is good news for America. Ford Motors recently announced that it is building a $21 million assembly plant in the Pursat province of Cambodia. And the recent virtual business summit showcased the ease of doing business in Cambodia experienced by U.S. companies […]

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China Expanding Influence in Africa Via Telecom Network Deals

Via VOA, an article on how China is expanding influence in Africa via telecom network deals: Telecommunications networks funded and built by China are taking over Africa’s cyberspace, a dependence that analysts suggest puts Beijing in a position to exert political influence in some of the continent’s countries. Bulelani Jili, a doctoral candidate at Harvard University’s […]

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Growing Angola’s Agricultural Sector

Via Angola Press, a report on Angola’s efforts to encourage foreign investment in effort to boost agriculture output, including a pending agreement with the United Arab Emirates on a significant investment into the country’s agriculture sector: Businesspeople from the public and private sectors of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey have recently expressed their interest in obtaining concessions […]

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