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G-7 Rolls Out Global Infrastructure Plan

Via ABC News, a report on the G-7’s new global infrastructure plan: The Group of Seven nations on Sunday began rolling out a global infrastructure initiative in a bid, as they described it, to promote “stability” and improve conditions in developing and middle-income countries around the globe. The Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment plans […]

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Indonesia: The Most Amazing Development Story On Earth?

Via Noah Pinion, an article on Indonesia: I’ve been writing a series of posts about economic development. The last 20 years have seen a marked acceleration in the rate at which poorer countries — not just China, but many countries — are catching up to richer ones. Among the success stories I’ve profiled so far are Bangladesh, […]

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Protests Place Ecuador’s Oil Production in Peril

Via STRATFOR, a report on Ecuador’s oil production: In Ecuador, nationwide protests risk disrupting oil production, potentially impeding the country’s economic growth and ability to mitigate its growing debt burden. Ecuador’s state-owned energy company Petroecuador has suspended exports of Oriente crude, its most popular hydrocarbons export, as part of a force majeure issued on June 29. […]

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How Iran Tapped International Banks to Keep Its Economy Afloat

Via the Wall Street Journal, a look at how global financial institutions handle transactions for Iran’s sanctioned companies, enabling Tehran to resist U.S. pressure: Chinese, Middle Eastern and Western banks have provided banking services to Iran’s sanctioned energy and industrial sectors, corporate documents show, as part of Tehran’s efforts to steer capital toward its embattled […]

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After The War Ends, Can Ethiopia’s Economic ‘Miracle’ Get Back On Track?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on Ethiopia’s economy: Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed said this month that his government would negotiate with fighters in the northern Tigray region to end a war that has not only unleashed human rights abuses and killed thousands of people but has also derailed one of Africa’s most […]

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The Marshall Plan and the Belt and Road Initiative: More Differences Than Similarities

Via The Atlantic Council, a comparative analysis of the Marshall Plan and China’s BRI: China’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is often directly compared to the United States’ postwar Marshall Plan. The comparison is made due to the BRI’s scale, global infrastructure investment ambitions, and geopolitical and security ramifications. But how accurate is this […]

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