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The Republic of Congo Leads Gas Drive

Via Energy, Capital, and Power, a look at the Republic of Congo’s gas industry: The Republic of Congo is a mature hydrocarbon market with proven resources, numbering 1.8 billion barrels of oil reserves and 284 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves. Despite this, the country’s on- and offshore territory remains underexplored and operators have […]

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Affirma Gets $145 Million Zambia Power Deal After Threefold Gain

Via Bloomberg, an article on a US$145M power deal supply the biggest Congo, Zambia mines: Copperbelt Energy supplies among biggest Congo, Zambia mines Region is an increasingly important source of critical metals Affirma Capital closed a $145 million deal that gives it a direct stake in a key supplier of power to some of the […]

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Republic of the Congo: 2024 Economic Overview

Via The Business Year, a cursory overview of the economic landscape in the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) in 2024. The economy of the Republic of the Congo is almost exclusively commodity-based, particularly relying on the export of natural resources—a shortcoming that most observers agree must be addressed. The Republic of the Congo is the third-largest […]

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Congo-Brazzavile Affirms Commitment to OPEC

Via Energy, Capital, and Power, a report that Congo-Brazzavile’s re-affirmed commitment to OPEC: The Republic of Congo reaffirms its steadfast commitment to the strategic policy defined by the Secretary-General of OPEC and OPEC+. We strongly support the efforts to stabilize and promote sustainable development of the oil markets, a crucial approach for the future of […]

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China Highlights Republic of Congo for BRI Activities

Via China Daily, a report that China is emphasizing joint BRI collaboration with the Republic of Congo: President Xi Jinping called on Thursday for China and the Republic of Congo to explore new growth drivers for their cooperation in the digital economy and green development, while strengthening their partnership under the framework of the Belt […]

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The Unexpected New Winners in the Global Energy War

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report on the unusual alliances that Western nations are forging with countries such as Algeria, Azerbaijan, and Congo to replace natural gas from Russia: Once-obscure corners of the energy world, from offshore Congo to Azerbaijan, are booming as Europe finds new sources of natural gas to replace the […]

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