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The Unexpected New Winners in the Global Energy War

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report on the unusual alliances that Western nations are forging with countries such as Algeria, Azerbaijan, and Congo to replace natural gas from Russia: Once-obscure corners of the energy world, from offshore Congo to Azerbaijan, are booming as Europe finds new sources of natural gas to replace the […]

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Paul Kagame, Crystal Ventures, and Rwanda’s New Economic Diplomacy

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a look at how – over the past two years – Rwanda has been aggressively expanding its businesses, including the commercial wing of President Paul Kagame’s party, Crystal Ventures, and its foreign-focused subsidiary, Macefield Ventures. These expansions have reached countries such as the Central African Republic, Mozambique (where the Rwandan […]

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Bicycles: Crucial to Congo’s Cross-Border Trade

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at the key role played by bicycles in Zambia/Congo trade: In Kasumbalesa, on the Zambian side of the frontier, lorries wait days to be let into Congo. Long delays at crossings are common across Africa. But in this border town in the north of the country some wheels are still turning. […]

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Gorillas, Militias, and Bitcoin: Why Congo’s Most Famous National Park Is Betting On Crypto

Via MIT Technology Review, an interesting report on how – in an attempt to protect its forests and famous wildlife – Virunga has become the first national park to run a Bitcoin mine: The AK-47 is heavy with extra clips strapped together, jungle style, but the man holding it doesn’t flinch as he patrols the […]

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Africa’s Sleeping Giant: Central Africa

Via Africa: The Big Deal, a look at how Central Africa has claimed less than 1% of all the funding raised by start-ups on the continent since 2019: After covering Eastern, Northern, Western and Southern Africa, our last stop on our tour of the continent’s regional ecosystems naturally takes us to Central Africa. With only $82m+ raised by start-ups since 2019, the region […]

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How Chinese Companies Have Changed Africa

Via The Economist, a report on how Chinese companies have made their mark on the African continent: Outside a bar in Fungurume, a mining town in Congo, men caked in dust spit peanut shells onto the floor. Inside, where Chinese New Year lanterns hang from the walls, Emmanuel (not his real name) explains how things changed […]

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