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China’s Economic Slowdown Is a Wakeup Call for Latin America

Via World Politics Review, a report on the impact that China’s economic slowdown may have upon Latin America: Over the past two decades, as China’s breakneck economic growth turned it into the engine of the global economy, Beijing became an increasingly powerful player in Latin America. It displaced the United States, long the top trading […]

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Catching Rays: Latin America Purchasing Billons of Dollars of Chinese Solar Panels

Courtesy of Latinometrics, a look at Latin American’s significant investment in Chinese solar panels: In the last six years, Latin America has imported $26B — or almost twice the GDP of Nicaragua — worth of solar panels from China, the world’s leader in producing and selling them.

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Petrobras Looks to China for Green Partners – and More Oil

Via Dialogo Chino, a report on Petrobras, Brazil’s state oil firm, which has signed deals with Chinese companies on clean energy and oil exploration: As the COP28 climate conference opens in Dubai next week, Brazil will be presenting a contradiction to the world: while promising to accelerate its energy transition, the country continues to invest massively in oil. One […]

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China-Latin America Ties Deepen Amid Boom in Cross-Border Auto Trade, E-Commerce

Via Caixin Global, a look at deepening China-Latin America ties: Twenty-five kilometers north of Monterrey, Mexico, is a cluster of Chinese-owned factories producing everything from auto parts and mechanical equipment to electronics and furniture. The site, Hofusan Industrial Park, has seen some 30 Chinese firms set up shop in the past four years. But Hofusan […]

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Brazil’s EV Market Shifts Up A Gear As Chinese Firms Set Up Shop

Via Dialogo Chino, an article on the billions in foreign investment which is boosting a growing electric vehicle market in Brazil, one of Latin America’s main car-making hubs: Record sales of electric and hybrid vehicles, and a wave of billion-dollar Chinese investments could mark a turning point in Brazil’s automotive industry, and influence its South […]

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As China Tightens Controls on Graphite, The Hunt Is On for New Supplies.

Courtesy of Barron’s, a look at how Chinese restrictions on graphite may help emerging markets like Brazil, Turkey, Madagascar, and Mauritius which also have reserves: China’s stricter controls over graphite exports mean companies, including electric-vehicle makers such as Tesla, will have to accelerate their search for alterative sources of the mineral. Demand for graphite for use in […]

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