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China Steers Course for African Ports In Renewed Diplomatic Push

Via China Strategy, a report on China’s interest in African ports via a renewed diplomatic push” On March 23, the ships arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for a five-day stopover before heading to the port of Maputo in Mozambique on April 1 for another five-day tour. While in Tanzania, representatives visited the Dar es […]

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Climate Change Made West Africa’s ‘Dangerous Humid Heatwave’ 10x More Likely

Via ClimateBrief, a report on how climate change made west Africa’s ‘dangerous humid heatwave’ 10 times more likely: The “dangerous humid heat” that engulfed western Africa in mid-February was made 10 times more likely by human-caused climate change, a new rapid attribution study finds.  Throughout February, western Africa was hit by unusually intense heat. Temperatures exceeded 40C […]

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Can Africa One Day Help Feed The World’s Growing Population?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on Africa’s agricultural potential: An hour away from the medina of Marrakech and its throngs of tourists, plains of semi-desert stretch across the horizon. Here, at the Benguerir mine, huge diggers bore into the ochre earth to reach the phosphate rock beneath, a resource that could help shape […]

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Fear of A Chocolate Meltdown

Via The Guardian, a look at how poor harvests in extreme weather conditions have led to a tripling of cocoa prices – but farmers have seen no benefit: Around the world this holiday weekend, people will consume hundreds of millions of Easter eggs and bunnies, as part of an annual chocolate intake that can exceed […]

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Why Cost of Chocolate Will Keep Rising

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at how speculation, climate change and under-investment are combining to push up the price of the confection: With Easter less than a month away, sweet-toothed consumers in Europe and North America are beginning to turn their thoughts towards chocolate. In the UK alone, tens of millions of milk […]

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Vietnam’s VinFast Enters Africa EV Market Aia Ghana Distributor

Courtesy of Nikkei Asia, an article on Vietnam’s VinFast, one of the few international EV businesses to target Africa, which recently announced plans for Ghana within weeks of making deals in five other countries, from Oman to Indonesia: VinFast has enlisted a company in Ghana to distribute its electric vehicles, offering the Vietnamese manufacturer a […]

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