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Axis (of Evil) Turning? The Changing Face of Syria

As noted in a recent article on Global Voices, Syria – while still a nation “officially” considered a Socialist country – is experiencing rapid change.  A construction boom is in place, and the financial judicial structure is being reformed and revisited. In many ways Syria is going through the Egypt model of transformation from socialist […]

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Pakistan’s $400M Man: Taking Stock of the Risks

As reported by Bloomberg, despite the fact that Pakistan’s recent election heightened the risks for stock investors as opposition parties try to create a new government and force President Pervez Musharraf to step down, Templeton Asset Management Ltd.’s Mark Mobius said he is maintaining his holdings of Pakistani banks, consumer and energy companies and also […]

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Iran and Gazprom

From Al Alam, news that Iran and Gazprom have agreed upon the terms on developing “two or three” blocks of the South Pars field in the Persian Gulf, a deal that further highlights Moscow’s deepening trade and commercial ties with Tehran.  In fact, as noted in the article, there may be more oil sector cooperation […]

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Petronas’ Dream Contracts in Uzbekistan: Results of Long-term Planning & Engagement

As adroitly noted in Energy Daily, Malaysia’s Petronas (one of the New “Seven Sisters” which more than ten years ago was already working in Turkmenistan, another hydrocarbon rich nation that Western companies only recently began exploring) seems set to repeat its success in the one Central Asian country with immense potential that has been largely […]

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Diversification Benefits of Frontier Markets

As reported by The International Herald Tribune, “frontier” markets are gaining even more interest than before in light of the recent turmoil in more developed markets.  As the article notes, what has started to come home to investors is that frontier markets, which are remarkably diverse, have achieved these good returns with low correlation to […]

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Argentina’s Energy Find

From The Financial Times, news that Pan American Energy – the second largest oil and gas producer in Argentina – has announced the country’s biggest hydrocarbons discovery in recent years and a $1bn investment programme – music to the ears of a government grappling with serious energy and power shortages resulting from President Cristina Fernández […]

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