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Is Italy’s $6bn Plan for Africa Just PR-Friendly Neocolonialism?

Courtesy of African Arguments, commentary on Italy’s $6bn Mattei plan for Africa, which was drawn up without any input from African leaders and is named after the controversial founder of Italy’s fossil fuels major: It is troubling that many African leaders who skipped the G77+China Summit in Uganda last week flocked to Rome this week to […]

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The African Turn in Italy’s Energy Policy

Via Fair Observer, commentary on how Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Algeria signaled a new chapter for Italy’s engagement with Africa, evoking Enrico Mattei’s cooperative model in contrast to neo-colonialism, as the nation aims to shift away from Russian energy dependency: Earlier this year, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visited Algeria. There, Meloni paid homage […]

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With Energy Deals in Africa, Italy Positions Itself as Europe’s Next Gas Hub

Via Rane’s Stratfor WorldView, a look at Italy’s efforts to position itself as Europe’s next gas hub: The Italian government’s new energy-driven approach to Africa will help the country bolster its own energy security and position itself as Europe’s next natural gas hub. But infrastructural challenges at home and above-ground risks in North Africa will […]

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South Stream: Still a Mere Pipe Dream?

Via Stratfor (subscription required), a detailed report on the recent agreement between Gazprom and Italy’s energy giant ENI on the development of the South Stream natural gas pipeline.  Despite this step forward, there remain – as the article notes – significant political and logistical hurdles to be overcome: “…South Stream, originally proposed by Italy and […]

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Gazprom Gains Control and ENI Exhales With Relief

Via Stratfor (subscription required), analysis of Gazprom’s $4.2 billion acquisition of the 20 percent stake in Gazprom Neft held by Italian energy giant ENI.  As the article notes, the original purchase by ENI was never intended to result in a permanent stake in Gazprom Neft, but rather to help Gazprom fight off a challenge from […]

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Italy, Russia: Together In Tripoli

Via Robert Amsterdam’s fine blog, an interesting analysis of Italy’s ENI’s efforts to penetrate the Libyan market in partnership with Gazprom.  As the article notes: A few days ago, the CEO of the Italian energy group Eni told everybody he felt calm and “serene” with regard to Gazprom’s decision to cut off all gas flowing […]

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