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A Building Boom in the Himalayas Threatens Climate Disasters

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a sobering report on how Modi’s push to develop along India’s tense border with China heightens risks to the already fragile area: On January 3, 2023, cracks suddenly spread over hundreds of buildings in Joshimath, India, and they started sinking into the ground. Residents gathered up what furniture and prized belongings they […]

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Gelephu: The World’s First Mindfulness City Is in Bhutan

Courtesy of The Diplomat, an article on Gelephu, the city envisioned as Bhutan’s new economic hub and an opportunity to capitalize on the economic corridor linking South Asia to Southeast Asia: The Kingdom of Bhutan, world-renowned for creating the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and for being the first carbon negative country, is now […]

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Climate and China: Bringing South Asia’s Countries Closer

Via The Economist, a look at how limate and China fears are bringing South Asia’s countries closer as demonstrated by a recent electricity deal between Bangladesh, India and Nepal: For much of June the 23m people in and around Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, suffered in temperatures of up to 38°C. Fans and air-conditioners were of little […]

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Bhutan Plans a $500M Fund for Crypto Mining in the Himalayas

Via Bloomberg, a report on Bhutan’s plans a $500M Fund for crypto mining in the Himalayas: Bhutan’s investment arm and Nasdaq-listed company Bitdeer Technologies Group plan to seek investors for a fund worth up to $500 million that will be used to develop green crypto mining in the Himalayan kingdom. Fund raising targeting institutional investors […]

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The Tiny Kingdom Of Bhutan Secretly Held Millions Of Dollars In Cryptocurrency

Courtesy of Forbes, an interesting article on how the Himalayan kingdom has quietly been dumping millions of dollars into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Among the world’s most isolated nations, Bhutan is known for its sweeping vistas, mountaintop monasteries and a Gross National Happiness Index that prioritizes wellbeing over economic growth. With an economy largely built […]

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