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Bolivia Seeks Oil & Gas Investment, Russia’s Help To Solve Energy Crunch

Via Reuters, a report on Bolivia seeks oil and gas investment, Russia’s help to solve energy crunch: Bolivian state energy firm YPFB is looking to improve conditions for investment in the country’s flagging oil and gas sector and seeking help from Russia to overcome recent fuel shortages, the head of the company told Reuters. The […]

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Bolivia’s Boom Has Turned to Bust, Fueling an Unlikely Presidential Comeback Bid

Via Bloomberg, a look at Bolivia, where a long-brewing financial crisis is potentially opening the way for President Luis Arce’s mentor-turned-rival, Evo Morales, to compete once again: In the thin air of El Alto, just below the Andean snowline, shoppers hunt for bargains at stalls selling cheap shoes, school books, cookware or counterfeit clothing. Signs […]

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China’s Economic Slowdown Is a Wakeup Call for Latin America

Via World Politics Review, a report on the impact that China’s economic slowdown may have upon Latin America: Over the past two decades, as China’s breakneck economic growth turned it into the engine of the global economy, Beijing became an increasingly powerful player in Latin America. It displaced the United States, long the top trading […]

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The China-West Lithium Tango in South America

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at how – despite the push toward decoupling – China-West collaboration persists in South America’s Lithium Triangle. But in the age of strategic competition, how long will this last? In the vast, almost haunting expanse of the high Argentine desert, beneath layers of brine and time, lies an element […]

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The New Commodity Superpowers

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at nations such as the DRC, Argentina, Chile, and Indonesia, – the countries that produce the metals central to the energy transition who want to rewrite the rules of mineral extraction: The red-brown landscape of Tenke-Fungurume, one of the world’s largest copper and cobalt mines in the Democratic […]

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China’s Investment Deals With Bolivia: In The Dark

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a report that Bolivian contractors are allegedly prohibited from sharing any details about investment contracts signed with certain Chinese firms: The Chinese government is inserting confidentiality clauses into its investment agreements with the Bolivian government, according to sources close to the deals who have viewed the agreements in question. The sources, […]

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