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Chile’s Lithium Industry Holds its Breath as Boric Pursues Nationalization

Courtesy of Stratfor’s Worldview, a look at the impact of Chile’s decision to nationalize its lithium industry: Increased state control of Chile’s lithium sector may lead to a mechanism for new investment, but higher associated costs could limit investor interest. On April 20, Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced that he would seek to “nationalize the […]

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Can Latin America Really Build an OPEC for Lithium?

Via HeatMap, commentary on whether Latin America can really build an OPEC for lithium: In a move that shocked Wall Street, Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced last week that his country will nationalize its lithium industry. “This is the best chance we have at transitioning to a sustainable and developed economy,” Boric said. “We can’t […]

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“It’s Electric!”: China’s Power Play in Latin America

Via Wilson Center, a report on China’s focus on energy generation and transmission projects in Latin America: For a decade, China’s major electricity companies have been laser focused on energy generation and transmission in Latin America and the Caribbean, a trend accelerated by the departure of Western competitors, including Brazil-based Odebrecht and U.S. and European […]

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In Bolivia, China Signs Deal For World’s Largest Lithium Reserves

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a report on a deal signed last month between Bolivia’s state firm YLB and three Chinese companies for lithium: In late January, Bolivia’s Luis Arce government signed a $1 billion agreement with the Chinese firms CATL, BRUNP, and CMOC (CBC) and the Bolivian state company Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB) to explore lithium […]

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China Consortium To Develop Lithium Deposits In Bolivia

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on a Chinese consortium’s plans to develop lithium deposits in Bolivia: The Bolivian government has chosen a Chinese consortium led by battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology to invest upward of $1 billion to develop untapped lithium deposits, with the ambitious goal of producing lithium batteries in the country by 2025. Bolivia has […]

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A New Age for South America’s Lithium Triangle?

Via Global Americans, commentary on South America’s lithium potential: Latin America and the Caribbean have gone through several different cycles with commodities—elevating the region’s importance in the global economy and shaping the region’s socioeconomic development. King sugar is synonymous with the Caribbean as is gold, silver, and, later, tin with Bolivia. In the twenty-first century, lithium, a soft, […]

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