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Russia, Venezuela to Boost Cooperation in Energy, Including Nuclear

Via Energy Daily, a report on Russian and Venezuelan plans to boost cooperation in energy, including nuclear: Anti-American allies Russia and Venezuela vowed to boost cooperation in oil and gas production and the “peaceful use of nuclear energy” at a meeting of foreign ministers in Caracas Tuesday. Russia’s Sergei Lavrov arrived in Venezuela late Monday from […]

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How Wall Street Won a Battle Over Venezuelan Sanctions

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report on how Wall Street won a battle Over Venezuelan sanctions: After the U.S. dropped a broad array of sanctions against Venezuela in October, it warned that it could reimpose all of them, except one. The White House admitted that its ban on buying Venezuelan bonds was a failure that had […]

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India’s ONGC Videsh to Get Some Oil from Venezuela In Lieu of $600M Dividend

Via Reuters, an article on a growing petroleum connection between India and Venezuela: Venezuela has agreed to give some oil to India’s ONGC Videsh to help it recoup its pending $600 million dividend for a stake in a project in the South American nation, India’s oil secretary said on Wednesday. Indian refiners have resumed purchase […]

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China’s Shifting Ties in Latin America

Via The Wire China, an interview with Alicia García-Herrero on China’s shifting ties in Latin America: Q: When we talk about “Latin America” we mean roughly 20 countries stretching from the Texan border to Antarctica. That makes for a lot of variety in their approaches to China. Can you outline the different camps?  A: I […]

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Igniting a Petrowar: Venezuela Votes To Annex Guyana

Via Heat Map, an article on Venezuela’s recent vote to annex their oil-rich neighbor, Guyana: Under pressure from the U.S. to hold a free and fair election, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro upped the ante. On Sunday, the nation went to the polls — to vote to invade its neighbor and the world’s newest petrostate, Guyana. Approval was […]

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Colombia’s Ecopetrol Examining Gas Imports from Venezuela

Via Reuters, a report on Colombia’s Ecopetrol consideration of importing gas from Venezuela: Colombia’s majority state-owned oil company Ecopetrol (ECO.CN) is exploring an offer from Venezuela’s PDVSA to supply the Andean country with gas from December 2024, it said on Tuesday. Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro said during a visit to Venezuela over the weekend it was […]

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