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How the Ukraine War Gave Venezuelan Oil an Opening

Courtesy of Geopolitical Futures, a report on how Caracas is taking advantage of a key opportunity to revive its energy sector: For years, the Venezuelan economy has been largely disconnected from Western markets. The war in Ukraine, however, initiated a sort of restructuring of the global energy market, sparking renewed interest in Venezuela’s potential as […]

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Say Cheese! Argentina & Venezuela Produce More Cheese Than Switzerland

Courtesy of Latinometrics, a surprising graphic on Argentina and Venezuela’s cheese production: The first cheese factory in the world opened its doors in Switzerland in 1815. However, the first concrete evidence of cheese-making comes from present-day Poland, making the food staple 7.5K+ years old and deeply ingrained in European culture. Needless to say, they’ve mastered the craft. In fact, […]

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Mapped: 2023 Inflation Forecasts by Country

Courtesy of Visual Capitalist, a very interesting graphical look at inflation forecasts for 2023 – with Venezuela, Argentina, and Zimbabwe showing the highest estimates: Mapped: 2023 Inflation Forecasts by Country This was originally posted on Advisor Channel. Sign up to the free mailing list to get beautiful visualizations on financial markets that help advisors and their clients. Inflation […]

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Venezuela Claims Nearly Three-Quarters of Guyana

Via The Washington Post, a report on the Venezuela/Guyana border dispute: For decades, maps and charts produced by Venezuela have represented the 61,000-square-mile territory — nearly three-quarters of Guyana — as an integral part of … Venezuela. It’s what governments in Caracas of all ideologies have argued, what generations of schoolchildren have been taught. It’s […]

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U.S. Grants License To Trinidad And Tobago To Develop Venezuelan Gas Field

Via, a report that the U.S. has granted a license to Trinidad and Tobago To develop a Venezuelan gas field: The U.S. Treasury has granted a license to Trinidad and Tobago, allowing the Caribbean nation to develop a gas field offshore Venezuela and do business related to the gas field with Venezuela’s state oil firm PDVSA, […]

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Colombia, Venezuela Reach Joint Investment Protection Agreement

Via Bloomberg, a report on Colombia and Venezuela’s steps to cement warmer ties after years of tension: Colombia and Venezuela reached an agreement to strengthen investment protections between the two nations, the latest accord to cement warmer trade relations between the South American neighbors. The agreement is the culmination of talks that sought to “promote […]

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Focusing primarily on The New Seven Sisters - the largely state owned petroleum companies from the emerging world that have become key players in the oil & gas industry as identified by Carola Hoyos, Chief Energy Correspondent for The Financial Times - but spanning other nascent opportunities around the globe that may hold potential in the years ahead, Wildcats & Black Sheep is a place for the adventurous to contemplate & evaluate the emerging markets of tomorrow.