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Catching Rays: Latin America Purchasing Billons of Dollars of Chinese Solar Panels

Courtesy of Latinometrics, a look at Latin American’s significant investment in Chinese solar panels: In the last six years, Latin America has imported $26B — or almost twice the GDP of Nicaragua — worth of solar panels from China, the world’s leader in producing and selling them.

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China’s Rapidly Growing Presence in Central America

Via The Diplomat, a look at how – in the past six years – China’s presence in the region has exploded, with worrying consequences for Central America’s governance norms: Credit: Depositphotos On August 21, Parlacen, the parliament of the six-nation Central American Integration System, voted to revoke Taiwan’s permanent observer status and admit China as an […]

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3 Lessons on Sustainable Growth from the Dominican Republic

Via the World Economic Forum, an interesting report on the Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic has recorded one of the world’s strongest recoveries from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Caribbean island nation quickly achieved high rates of daily vaccine administrations, paving the way to reopening the economy. The pandemic has yielded three lessons that can serve […]

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Foreign Investment In The Dominican Republic Rises, But Guyana Displaces It In The Caribbean

Via Dominican Today, a look at how – while foreign investment in the Dominican Republic is rising – Guyana has still displaced it as an investment hub in the Caribbean: According to a recent ECLAC report, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to the Dominican Republic increased by 21% in 2021, totaling 3.1 billion dollars, the […]

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