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Iran Welcomes Gas Trade With Turkmenistan

Via MEHR News, a report on Iran’s willingness to resume gas trades with Turkmenistan: The head of the National Iranian Gas Company Hassan Montazer Torbati expressed Iran’s willingness to resume gas trade with Turkmenistan. “During the ICA ruling we expressed our interest to continue the import of Turkmenistan’s gas,” Montazar Torbati said on Monday on […]

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Via the London Review of Books, an interesting commentary on a businessman’s experience in Turkmenistan: I was? sitting next to a Coca-Cola sales exec on the flight to Ashgabat. ‘I hope you’ve got the right-sized photo,’ he said. ‘If you haven’t …’ He gave a short, sharp whistle through his teeth and jerked his thumb backwards: ‘Home you […]

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US and China Competition Over Energy Corridors In Central Asia

Via AKIPress News, a look at the fierce competition between US and China for energy corridors in Central Asia: Amid already heightened tensions between the United States and China, the Trump administration has now called “for a new alliance of democracies” to counter China’s aggressive policies, and, in a retaliatory move, Beijing has begun adding […]

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Turkey: Natural Gas Find Could Help Energy Independence

Via The Middle East Monitor, an article on an extensive natural gas find by Turkey: After extensive exploration, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cheerfully announced on Friday that his country had made the biggest natural gas discovery in its history. The gas discovered in the Black Sea was estimated by 320 billion cubic metres. Erdogan […]

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Ethiopia: International Callers on Hold

Via Quartz, a report that Ethiopia is quietly walking back plans to open up Africa’s last big telecom sector to foreign players: Ethiopia’s planned opening up of the country’s telecommunications sector had international companies jostling to be among the first to get a slice of a largely untapped industry in Africa’s fastest growing economy. But […]

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Namibia’s Business and Investment Opportunities

Via, a report on Namibia’s business and investment opportunities: KEY TAKEAWAYS Business opportunities – Local production of perishable agricultural crops that are currently being imported – Solar power generation – Desalination and transportation of water – Cross-border trade facilitation – Support services to the mining industry – Food distribution, mass housing developments and education in northern […]

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