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Iranian-Indian-Russian Push An Alternative to Suez & BRI

Via Global Village Space, a report on an Iranian-Indian-Russian push to establish an International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC): Iran, together with India and Russia, is pushing forward with a sea and rail corridor that could substantially reduce the time and cost of shipping goods from India to Europe. If this Iranian-Indian-Russian push is successful, the […]

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Uzbekistan’s Planned Rail Project To Afghanistan and Gawadar

Via Frontier Post, an article on Uzbekistan’s plan to develop a rail  project from Termez via Mazar e Sharif and Peshawar to Gawadar: Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Washington DC Mr Javion Vakhabov while speaking at United States Institute of Peace (USIP) stated that Uzbekistan is working to implement its desire of building rail road from Uzbek […]

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Via LinkedIn, commentary on Vietnam: Vietnam is a high growth market situated in the heart of Asia. Its cohesive population of 100m people is young, hard-working and increasingly digitally connected. Over the last 30 years, Vietnam has experienced high levels of GDP growth, averaging about 6 to 7% and attracting record levels of Foreign Direct […]

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Afghanistan’s Three Trillion Dollar Question

Via Eurasia Review, an article on Afghanistan’s mineral potential: For three days in May, the streets of Kabul were peaceful. No bullets exchanged between the Taliban and government forces. No bombs dropped. The ceasefire, which coincided with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, was significant not only for its lack of casualties, but also in that […]

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The Prospects for the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor

Via The Jamestown Foundation, a report on the prospects for a China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor: Mongolia is a landlocked country with a population of roughly 3.3 million people, bordering on only two nations, China and Russia. The country’s primary exports are largely minerals and raw materials, making trade with countries other than its immediate neighbors difficult. […]

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Lebanon’s Financial Collapse Accelerates

Via The Washington Post, a report on Lebanon’s financial crisis: Most parts of Lebanon are receiving no more than two or three hours of electricity a day. An incoming flight at Beirut’s airport had to abort a landing this month because the lights on the runway went out. The traffic signals in the capital have […]

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