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Turning Crisis To Opportunity In Mongolia

Via Diplomatic Courier, an interesting look at the state of Mongolia’s economy and investment opportunities therein: The Mongolian economy, not long ago the darling of the global investment community, has hit another rough patch—with a bank collapse, slumping commodity exports, a devaluing currency, and a sharp slide in government bond prices all conspiring to produce […]

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Afghanistan Just Spawned A Multinational That’s Taking On Global Giants In Africa

Via Quartz, an interesting look at Roshan Telecom’s efforts to enter Africa’s cell phone marketplace: The largest mobile network operator in Afghanistan is not a multinational company. Or it wasn’t until this month, when Roshan Telecom took its network to Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania. That makes telecoms Afghanistan’s most high-profile export after opium. Roshan Telecom was born in Kabul in […]

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Powering Myanmar: FDI, Geopolitics and the Appetite for Risk

Via Breaking Energy, a report on  investment in Myanmar: While residents of Myanmar protest over electricity – sometimes on pricing, other times on access and most recently on environmental concerns and Chinese involvement – foreign investors are watching Myanmar’s opening economy with hungry eyes. It’s a country with a huge population, low electrification rates and […]

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Can Iranian Gas Help Solve India’s Energy Crisis?

Via Foreign Policy, a look at the potential role Iranian gas supplies may play in alleviating India’s energy crisis: On July 31, 2012, India experienced the worst electricity blackout in history, as three of the country’s five power grids failed. People traveling on metro systems and railways were stuck for hours, without a hint of […]

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Myanmar’s Oil and Gas: Drilling In The Dark?

Via The Economist, an interesting look at the oil & gas exploration potential in Myanmar: AFTER a long wait, and several delays, Myanmar’s government will soon announce which companies have won the right to explore the bulk of its offshore oil and gas reserves. The outcome of the bidding for the 19 deep- and 11 […]

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Mineral Wealth

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting look at the DRC’s mineral wealth: For years, the Congo’s vast, insecure and mineral-rich geography has attracted the interests of its central and southern neighbors. The government is seated more than 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from the eastern and southern provinces that contain extensive mineral deposits and potential […]

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