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Can The Mediterranean Become Europe’s Energy Powerhouse?

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at the Mediterranean’s push to make the sunny south a “green” hydrogen hotbed Tourists on Mallorca might now marvel at a new attraction on the Mediterranean island: a miniature economy entirely energised by “green” hydrogen. At its heart, two solar plants power an electrolyser, which splits water into oxygen […]

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Hamas’s Sprawling Financial Empire

Via The Economist, an article on Hamas’s financial networks: Viewed from one of Istanbul’s glitziest restaurants, the Bosphorus looks sublime. The venue is a favoured haunt of mandarins, businessmen, minor celebrities—and Hamas’s financiers. A man on whom America has imposed sanctions for funding the Islamist group describes his various board seats. “It’s ridiculous,” he says, […]

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The U.S. Can Counter China’s Control of Minerals for the Energy Transition

Courtesy of The New York Times, commentary on U.S. efforts to counter China’s control of strategic minerals: China recently rattled the world’s electric vehicle supply chains by announcing new export controls on graphite, a key component of lithium-ion batteries. If China uses the export controls, which take effect on Dec. 1, to reduce exports of […]

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US Launches Investment Network To Engage Private Sector in Africa Minerals Strategy

Courtesy of The Africa Report, an article on a public-private partnership that is the latest US initiative to try to reverse China’s dominance over the building blocks of the green energy revolution: The US government on Wednesday launched a new public-private partnership to try to enrol the corporate sector in its competition with China for […]

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The Stunning Resilience of Emerging Markets

Via Project Syndicate, a look at how – contrary to many analysts’ expectations – emerging markets have not spiraled into a debt crisis. This can be partly attributed to central banks’ decision to reject populist policy proposals in favor of a modern iteration of macroeconomic orthodoxy. As finance ministers and central bankers convened in Marrakesh […]

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What Can Go Wrong Investing In Africa?

Via Sydney Morning Herald, commentary on revoked permits, unstable regimes and insurgent attacks – what can go wrong investing in Africa? In recent months, the phrase “This is Africa” has become a viral meme shared among retail investors as an increasing number of ASX-listed mining companies fall victim to African sovereign risk. The meme, a […]

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