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Will Sonatrach’s Hydrocarbon Discovery Make Algeria A Key Energy Partner For Europe?

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a look at a new energy discovery in Algeria: Following a record-breaking year in 2022, the national company Sonatrach has announced the discovery of six new deposits in the first quarter of 2023. In the midst of a global decline in production, the oil and gas boom shows no signs […]

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Algeria: No Gas Pains, But Other Challenges

Courtesy of The Economist, commentary on Algeria’s economic malaise: Two words in the local lexicon encapsulate Algeria’s malaise: hogra and haraga. The first encompasses a range of gloomy feelings that affect Algerians: a sense of humiliation and oppression, a denial of dignity. This leads to the second increasingly common word, literally meaning “those who burn”. It is applied to […]

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Oil and Gas Discoveries Boost Algeria

Via African Business, a report on three (3) discoveries made in the Algerian desert last week should expand Algeria’s gas and oil deliveries to Europe as the continent looks beyond Russia for gas deliveries: Algeria’s state-owned oil company Sonatrach has announced three major oil and gas discoveries in the Sahara desert.  Since the outbreak of […]

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Renewed EU Support for A Trans-Saharan Pipeline

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting article on the EU’s recent offers of financial and political backing to Nigeria for a €15bn ($21bn, £12bn) trans-Saharan pipeline to pump its gas directly to Europe.  As the report notes: “…Renewed European interest in the project comes against a backdrop of mounting fears that Gazprom, the Russian […]

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Russia’s Chess Match in The Middle East & North Africa

From The National, an interesting analysis of Russia’s recent diplomatic and trade activities in the Middle East and North Africa in a bid to enhance its geopolitical clout and gain access to, and at least partial control over, the region’s oil and gas reserves.  As the article notes: “…Among the former global superpower’s tactics: linking […]

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Algeria & Norway Work Together to Compete with Big Oil

For some time, we have looked at the trend of state-owned energy giants to increasingly join forces to expand internationally, a worrying sign for Western oil companies already besieged by the global stampede to find new reserves. As the Wall Street journal reported today, a prime example how state-backed national giants are competing more aggressively […]

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Focusing primarily on The New Seven Sisters - the largely state owned petroleum companies from the emerging world that have become key players in the oil & gas industry as identified by Carola Hoyos, Chief Energy Correspondent for The Financial Times - but spanning other nascent opportunities around the globe that may hold potential in the years ahead, Wildcats & Black Sheep is a place for the adventurous to contemplate & evaluate the emerging markets of tomorrow.