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China Holds Upper Hand in Battle With U.S. For Africa’s Energy

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on how China holds upper hand in battle with U.S. for Africa’s energy: Power generation has become the latest battleground in the China-U.S. competition in Africa, giving resource-poor countries a chance to seek more project funding. Beijing’s investments in energy infrastructure have expanded greatly, while the U.S. has launched a […]

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Savannah Energy: Battered By Chad, Focuses On South Sudan

Via Energy Voice, an article on how – at the same time that Savannah Energy was announcing the cancellation of its deal to buy the Petronas assets in Chad – it set out an even more ambitious plan with the Malaysian company: Savannah Energy is an independent with a plan for growth, but the plan […]

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South Sudan: The World’s Newest Country Is Broken and Forgotten. Enter Pope Francis.

Courtesy of The New York Times, an article on how the soaring hopes at South Sudan’s creation in 2011 have been cruelly dashed: It is just over a decade since the steamy capital of South Sudan exploded in joy, with revelers singing and dancing through the night to mark the birth of their nation as it split […]

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South Sudan: Mobile Money’s Role In The Road To Recovery

Courtesy of GSMA, a report on the role that mobile money can play in the nation’s economic recovery: The launch of South Sudan’s first mobile money transfer services in 2019 – m-Gurush and Nilepay, both in partnership with Zain – was a key milestone in the country’s recovery from civil war. South Sudan gained independence in […]

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Investing in South Sudan

Via Norfund, an article about efforts to invest in entrepreneurs and businesses in South Sudan: Norfund continues its investment in Kinyeti Venture Capital (Kinyeti), alongside the Swedish development finance institution Swedfund, with a follow-on loan of up to 4 million USD. Kinyeti is an investment company established in 2012 as a joint venture between Norfund […]

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South Sudan Hopes Planned Port in Djibouti Will Increase Market Access, Profits

Via AllAfrica, a report on South Sudan’s hopes that a planned port in Djibouti will increase market access and profits: Officials in South Sudan confirmed this month they have bought land on the coast of Djibouti to build a port. South Sudan says the port will be key for exporting the country’s crude oil, which currently […]

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