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Bargains On The Baghdad Exchange

Courtesy of Barrons, an interesting article on why Geoff Batt and Grant Felgenhauer of the Euphrates Iraq Fund, the country’s largest non-Iraqi investors, like Bank of Baghdad, Al-Mamoura Real Estate, and Pepsi distributor Baghdad Soft Drinks, the country’s largest soft drink provider with 80% of the market: Americans sacrificed lives and billions of dollars in […]

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Myanmar, Bangladesh And India: Prospects For Energy Co-operation

Courtesy of Future Directions, an interesting look at the potential for Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India to cooperate on energy issues: Key Points The Myanmar-Bangladesh-India (MBI) gas pipeline has received renewed attention recently after reports that India and Myanmar/Burma are reconsidering the project in a form that bypasses Bangladesh. Geopolitical issues, particularly Bangladesh’s relationship with India, […]

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Great Game Moves East: Somalia Oil Exploration

Via Global Policy, an interesting article on Somalia’s oil potential: After turmoil hit Somalia in 1991, oil firms, aid groups, and even embassies evacuated. Now over 20 years on, oil firms are returning. Violence and uncertainty have not subsided, the question of autonomy for Somaliland, devolution of Puntland, and central governmental stability is still uncertain. […]

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Identifying Top Provincial Opportunities In China

Via Emerging Markets Insights, an interesting look at China’s provincial opportunities: Companies are expanding beyond coastal provinces into inland central and west provinces to leverage low manufacturing costs and capture growing domestic markets. To be successful in geographical expansion, multinationals need to foresee the growth trajectory of provinces and regions in China to understand from […]

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Arab Spring: Economic Haves and Haves Not

Via The Economist, an interesting article on Arab economies: THE SWEET PERFUME wafting over northern Iraq does not come from the wildflowers that speckle its rumpled plains in spring. It is the smell of oil and it is everywhere, flaring at wellheads, sloshing from the tanker trucks that grind up potholed roads to backyard refineries […]

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China’s Expanding Involvement in the Latin American Energy Sector

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of China’s involvement in Latin America’s energy industry: Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas announced July 6 that one of China’s state-owned oil companies, China National Petroleum Corp., will take a 30 percent stake in Ecuador’s $12.5 billion Refinery of the Pacific, which will have a refining capacity of 300,000 barrels per day. […]

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