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The Race for Turkmenistan’s Reserves

While Kazakhstan gets most of the press, perhaps the most interesting country in Central Asia – from a strategic hydrocarbon reserve perspective – is Turkmenistan.  As this article notes, Turkmenistan’s vast natural gas stores are spurring a scramble between Russia, China, the U.S. and Europe for access to its reserves. “…Executives from Chevron Corp., Royal […]

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Gazprom, Russia’s International Energy Leverage, and a Predetermined Gas War

An excellent overview of Gazprom via The Independent, focusing primarily on Russia’s use of Gazprom as a means of projecting political power throughout the region. While the piece, by Anne Penketh, concludes that Gazprom – due to internal inefficiency and corruption – may ultimately end up being a paper tiger, she does point out that […]

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The Nigerian Petroleum Co. – Nigeria’s Aramco?

News from the Energy Daily that Nigeria will replace the Nigerian National Petroleum Co. with the Nigerian Petroleum Co., which analysts say will function more like a state-owned oil firm modeled after Saudi Arabia’s Aramco rather than a government agency. “….Nigeria’s energy minister, who only assumed his new post six weeks ago, said foreign oil […]

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Gazprom’s Vertical Ambitions … At Home and Abroad?

The International Herald Tribune speculated about Gazprom’s vertical ambitions in a short note today. According to the report, “….Gazprom, which is controlled by the Russian government, wants to buy a major stake in Mosenergo, Moscow’s main energy supplier. In the short term, this might not affect consumers too much. They may even benefit, if Gazprom […]

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Venezuela and China Increase Ties

Today’s Energy Daily reports that Venezuela and China are expanding their oil ties, with their respective state petroleum companies stating that they will spend more than $10 billion to develop the oil-rich Faja del Orinoco region. President Hugo Chavez also said earlier this week Venezuelan state-owned energy firm PDVSA would collaborate with China National Petroleum […]

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Al Noor Islamic Bank and The Middle East: An Aptly-Named Investing “Hot House”

A pair of interesting articles on the rise of Middle Eastern financial institutions, courtesy of the WSJ.  First, was Gregory Corcoran’s comments on Dubai’s ruling sheik’s plans to open an investment bank – Al Noor Islamic Bank – that will compete in the Middle East and Africa and eventually move in on Europe and the […]

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