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Gazprom: Turning Western Partners into EU Lobbyists

As reported by The International Herald Tribune, Gazprom is working to turn its Western partners into a lobbying network to try to overcome the European Union’s worries about its aggressive expansion plans.  As the article notes: “…Companies working with Gazprom in its Siberian fields may be happy to oblige, analysts say, eager to strengthen their […]

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Pemex: Mexico’s Last Resort

From Stratfor (subscription required), an excellent analysis of Mexico’s Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) turning to its last resort to prevent Mexico from becoming a net oil importer within a decade, namely its announcement that the company may start drilling for crude oil abroad if the government fails to ease legislation to allow foreign energy partners into […]

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Russia and Venezuela: Closer Cooperation in Oil & Gas Markets

As reported in The International Herald Tribune, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia recently declared that their countries would more closely coordinate their actions on global oil and gas markets.  As the article notes: “…Medvedev said it was still possible that Russia could join with Venezuela and other gas-producing nations […]

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Gazprom and Russia’s Energy Imperialism

Via World Politics Review, an excellent article on Gazprom and Russia’s energy imperialism.  As the article notes: “…An ogre of a giant looms to the east of Europe, occasionally in the shape of a country, other times in the shape of a company, the two often indistinguishable. Russia and Gazprom are poised to devour the […]

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African Investment: Driven by Terrain?

Via Stratfor (subscription required), an excellent analysis of how the rugged terrain of Sub-Saharan Africa prevents industrialization and modern infrastructure from taking hold and engenders chronic political instability. As a result, the article notes, most foreign investment goes to resource extraction, especially offshore projects protected from the disruptions that are rife on land: “…Foreign direct […]

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Investing In Pakistan a Riot?

 As this recent Bloomberg article reminds us, investing in emerging “Black Sheep” markets offers a myriad of challenges: “…Pakistan investors stormed out of the Karachi Stock Exchange, smashed windows and cursed regulators after the benchmark index fell for a 15th day, the worst losing streak in at least 18 years. …Police surrounded the exchange after […]

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