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Polish Trains Were Stalled. Hackers Brought Them Back To Life.

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an article on how hackers brought some stalled Polish trains back to life: It’s a nightmare for any laptop user when the innards go haywire and the device freezes up irreversibly—a disaster called “bricking.” Now imagine it happening to a 175-ton passenger train. It began with Dolno?l?skie Rail, which […]

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Fierce Demand is Leading Companies to Look for Tech Talent in Smaller Markets Like Bucharest and Hanoi

Courtesy of Quartz, a look at 20 “emerging markets” where companies are searching for tech talent: Despite more than 30,000 layoffs in the tech industry so far this year, some markets are actually seeing the demand for tech talent surpass supply, leading companies around the world to search for talent in smaller, “emerging markets,” according to a new report. […]

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Emerging Europe: Standout Emerging Market Region This Year

Courtesy of Schroders, commentary on emerging Europe, a bright spot in a challenging year for emerging markets: It has been a tough year for global emerging markets (EM) given a combination of strong US performance, and weak China performance. Dispersion of returns within the EM universe has been wide, and there have been winners and […]

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These Five Countries Are Key Economic ‘Connectors’ in a Fragmenting World

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a look at the Vietnam, Poland, Mexico, Morocco and Indonesia are benefiting from the reshuffling of supply chains in response to US-China tensions. You may not have grown up playing with an Erector Set, but perhaps you had another building kit where, with patience and perhaps some parental assistance, you could bolt […]

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How Poland Snagged Intel’s Multi-Billion Dollar Investment

Courtesy of Reuters, a look at how Poland snagged Intel’s multi-billion dollar investment: Poland’s third-largest city Wroclaw beat rivals last week to be home to the next multi-billion dollar Intel (INTC.O) chip factory in Europe, with a two-year campaign promising subsidies, infrastructure, talent and a slice of American life. In the face of an unprecedented […]

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Orlen: Is Poland’s Energy Giant A Tool Of The Government?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on Poland’s energy giant, Orlen: Until a few years ago, Daniel Obajtek was the mayor of Pcim, a village whose name gets used in a derogatory way by other Poles to refer to a place in the middle of nowhere.  Now, Obajtek stands at the main crossroads of […]

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