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Inside Foxconn’s Struggle To Make iPhones In India

Via Rest of World, an interesting look at Foxconn’s efforts to make iPhones in India: When Chinese engineer Li Hai left the wintry cold of northern China and flew into the humid heat of Tamil Nadu in southern India, he had little idea what to expect. It was early 2023. Months before the trip, a […]

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How To Success – and Fail – As A Foreign Business In India

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on why some foreign companies succeed – and fail – in India: The recent history of foreign business in India is littered with failures. Even as the country has tried to lure global businesses keen to diversify into a fast-growing emerging market and, amid rising geopolitical tensions, away from […]

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India Takes Wing

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at India’s massive aviation boom: The venomous snakes snakes that infest the new airport rising near Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, are only a minor inconvenience compared with what has already been overcome at the site. Some 8,000 workers, labouring around the clock, have blasted away 55m cubic metres of […]

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Unrest in the Middle East Is Bad for Both CPEC and IMEC

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at what – as regional unrest deepen – lies ahead for these dueling connectivity projects? The flare-up of the Israel-Palestine conflict following the attacks on October 7 has triggered geopolitical tremors in the Middle East. While Israel and Hamas have agreed to a four-day “pause” in fighting and the […]

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Tomorrowland: Can India Become the De-Risking Champion MNC’s Are Seeking?

Via The Wire China, a look at how/whether India can become the de-risking champion multinationals are looking for? “We’re living in the midst of India’s automotive renaissance,” Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s most-coveted megastar, announced at the 2023 Auto Expo outside of New Delhi. In sunglasses and a dark suit, Khan was on hand for the India-launch […]

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Forget Unicorns: To Thrive In India You Are Better Off With a Camel

Via The Economist, a suggestion that – to thrive in India – it is better to look at frugal businesses generating cash versus high-flying unicorns: For foreign investors, India is a puzzle. On the plus side, it is a potentially huge market, recently passing China as the world’s most populous. The imf predicts that India will […]

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