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Argentina, Brazil In Talks To Reverse Bolivian Gas Pipeline Amid Shortage 

Via Offshore Technology, a report on a preliminary proposal to alter the pipeline’s direction has not found favour with Bolivia, exposing Brazil to fluctuating liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices: Energy companies from Argentina and Brazil have initiated discussions to reverse the flow of a Bolivian natural gas pipeline that links the three nations, reported Reuters.    This […]

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Gas Pains: Bolivia Running Out of Natural Gas

Via Merco Press, an article on Bolivia’s natural gas woes: Bolivian president Luis Arce, announced on September 1st. that the country’s natural gas reserves have been depleted, and exports to Argentina and Brazil will be interrupted, leaving a massive hole in the economy of the country. “We have hit rock bottom,” Arce said in a […]

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Bolivia’s Natural Gas Dreams Are Fading

Via IPS News, a report on Bolivia’s fading natural gas dreams: One of the largest natural gas reservoirs in South America is showing signs of decline and the hopeful expectations that emerged in 2006, to turn Bolivia into a regional energy leader, are waning. When the fossil fuel bonanza was already showing signs of fatigue, […]

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Gazprom’s Interest in Bolivia

The Financial Times recently reported that Gazprom is considering a $2bn gas investment in production capacity in Bolivia which has vast gas reserves, second only to Venezuela in Latin America. As the article notes: “…An official from the Bolivian hydrocarbons ministry confirmed the Gazprom deal with YPFB (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos), the Bolivian state energy […]

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