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Caspian Pipeline Consortium: Moving Towards Russian Control

Via Stratfor (subscription required), a report that Russia is on the cusp of acquiring BP’s stake in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium pipeline, which would give Moscow majority ownership of a vital energy asset.  As the article notes: “…Vagit Alekperov, president of Russian oil firm LUKoil, is in Kazakhstan until May 1, meeting with officials from […]

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A New Era in Caspian Pipeline Politics?

Courtesy of The Oil And The Glory, an interesting analysis of the new era of pipeline politics which has emerged in the Caspian region in the past months.  As the article notes: “…For the last decade and a half, the main theater for U.S.-Russian fireworks has been pipeline politics. Washington won the first battle with […]

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Russia’s Squeeze on Turkmen Oil: Reverberations in Iran

Via Stratfor (subscription required), interesting analysis of the impact that a recent dispute between Russia & Turkmenistan (which resulted in Russia having an even firmer grip on Turkmenistan’s energy supplies) had upon Iran’s geopolitical power in the region.  As the article notes: “…Turkmenistan was reminded recently who calls the shots in Central Asia when Russia, […]

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Turkmenistan’s Relationship With Russia

Via Stratfor (subscription required), analysis of the political relationship between the isolated and energy-rich Central Asian country of Turkmenistan and Russia, which is growing increasingly tense these days.  As the report notes: “…Turkmenistan and Russia exchange approximately 50 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas annually. However, when a natural gas pipeline running from Turkmenistan […]

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Iran and Iraq Agree To Build A Pipeline

Via Stratfor (subscription required), a report that Iran and Iraq have reached agreement on constructing an oil pipeline from the southern Iraqi city of Basra to Iran’s southwestern city of Abadan.  As the article notes: “…Considering the short distance — some 30 miles — and the flat terrain between Basra and Abadan, this pipeline can […]

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Turkmenistan Looks Westward In Bid To Develop Caspian

Via Foreign Affairs Policy Association, a report of a recent agreement for a German energy firm to explore & develop gas resources in Turkmenistan’s part of the Caspian Sea.  As the article notes: “…After the recent unexplained explosion of a gas pipeline between Russia and Turkmenistan, each side has been accusing the other of blowing […]

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