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Fastest Growing Countries for Software Development: Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Pakistan

Via Rest of World, a look at new data showing a rising tide of coders in Bangladesh and Nigeria: GitHub has released new data tracking developer accounts by country. Year over year, the data shows Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Pakistan had the fastest-growing developer population. For developers around the world, a busy GitHub profile is one […]

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Bangladesh: Blue Economy Potential

Via The Daily Star, commentary on Bangladesh’s blue economy potential: In 2012, Bangladesh and Myanmar resolved their maritime boundary disputes at an international tribunal. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea awarded Bangladesh a 12-mile territorial sea around St Martin’s Island, overruling Myanmar’s argument that it should be divided in half. On the […]

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Bangladesh-India Trade Cooperation: Expanding Markets for Mutual Benefit

Via The Geopolitics, a report on the potential of Bangladesh-India trade cooperation: India and Bangladesh share a strong bond based on their common history, language, and culture. India was quick to recognize Bangladesh and establish diplomatic relations in 1971, right after its independence. This relationship goes beyond just strategic cooperation; it’s rooted in equality, trust, […]

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Philippine, Bangladesh Power Giants: Gas Needed in Green Transition

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on developing Asia’s massive electricity demand: Booming Asian countries like the Philippines and Bangladesh need natural gas to meet domestic energy demand as they shift to greener sources, according to their leading power providers. AboitizPower, the power generation arm of Philippine conglomerate Aboitiz Group, and Bangladesh’s largest power provider Summit Power International […]

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How A YouTube Channel Is Transforming A Remote Village In Bangladesh

Courtesy of Rest of World, an interesting and inspiring look at how a YouTube channel has created a lucrative cooking empire, transforming a remote village in Bangladesh: Almost every week, Delwar Hussain, a stocky 40-year-old schoolteacher with betel-stained teeth, travels more than 100 miles on a public bus from his village of Shimulia in western […]

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Climate and China: Bringing South Asia’s Countries Closer

Via The Economist, a look at how limate and China fears are bringing South Asia’s countries closer as demonstrated by a recent electricity deal between Bangladesh, India and Nepal: For much of June the 23m people in and around Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, suffered in temperatures of up to 38°C. Fans and air-conditioners were of little […]

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