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How Kazakhstan Became a Player in the Global Mineral Trade

Via the New York Times, a look at how Kazakhstan’s bounty has enriched the country and grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs scrambling to control the ingredients needed to fight climate change: Kenges Rakishev, one of the richest men in Kazakhstan, stepped off a private jet at a Soviet-era airport and hopped into the lead car […]

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Exhausting the Desert: Cash, Concrete, and Cucumbers in Jordan

Courtesy of Synaps, commentary on the sustainability – or lack thereof – of Jordan’s water-based economy: Drive through Jordan in springtime, and you could easily forget that the country is among the world’s most water scarce and imports practically all its staple foods. Date groves and greenhouses line the Jordan Valley. Fields of grain sprout […]

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Tajikistan: Without Reform, Central Asia’s Growth Champion Faces Tougher Times

Via Emerging Europe, a report on Tajikistan: In order for Tajikistan to ensure sustainable development, it needs to implement structural reforms focused on enhancing economic openness and competitive neutrality, and improve public sector governance, transparency and accountability for better public service delivery. With the highest growth rate of any economy in Central and Eastern Europe […]

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The Chinese Base That Isn’t There

Courtesy of the New York Times, a look at how new port facilities and the months-long presence of Chinese warships in Cambodia show Beijing’s growing global influence: In 2020, something curious happened at Cambodia’s Ream military base, on the Gulf of Thailand. Not long after submitting — and then abruptly withdrawing — a request for […]

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The Middle East’s Oil Giants Have Entered the Critical Minerals Race

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a look at how the Middle East hydrocarbon firms are ensuring they have a seat at the critical mineral table: Oil may be the lifeblood of many Middle Eastern economies, but some of the region’s biggest players are now setting their sights on another booming energy sector: critical minerals.  Minerals such […]

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The Winners From U.S.-China Decoupling

Via Foreign Policy, a report on how – from Malaysia to Mexico – some countries are gearing up to benefit from economic fragmentation: A full decoupling of the Chinese and Western economies could be a costly proposition. The International Monetary Fund estimates that it could shave around 7 percent off global GDP in the longer term, […]

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