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Iran: An “Out” For Caspian Oil?

Via Windows on Eurasia, an interesting look at whether Iran – given the disruption of Caspian oil flows via Georgia during the recent violence – could become the route out for Caspian oil.  As the article notes: “…If the governments of the region do decide to ship some or all of their oil via Iran, […]

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Will China Finally Build a Rail Link with Central Asia?

As reported by Window on Eurasia, Chinese, Kyrgyz and Uzbek experts have reached agreement on the route of a railway line between China and Central Asia, but this project – which would transform the geopolitics of the region – still faces some serious technical and political obstacles.  As the article notes: “…experts have agreed on […]

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Russia’s Russia’s Energy Politics: Short Term Impact with Long Term Implications

As analyzed by Stratfor (subscription required), the Russian threat of turning off lights or heat in Central and Eastern European capitals — especially in winter — is a powerful one. While Europe can succeed in its efforts to diversify its energy sources in the long term, Russia is sure to use its compelling energy lever […]

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The Kazakh Economy: A Contrary View

From The Spectator, an interesting look at how the credit crunch has reached & affected Kazakhstan.  Unlike the bullish news we regularly see on the country’s petro-driven economy, this article notes: “…these are troubling times for Kazakhstan’s 15 million citizens. The economy is slowing — from over 9 per cent growth in 2006 to an […]

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Iran + Oman = Gas Partnership?

As recently reported by Arabian Business, Iran’s oil minister will travel to Muscat to discuss plans to export Iranian gas to Oman from where it could be exported using an Omani liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.  As the article notes: “…Iran has the world’s second biggest reserves but has been slow to develop gas exports […]

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Oil Rich Nations Place Their Bets

Found a highly insightful article in the recent Harvard Business Review (subscription required) which examines where oil-rich Gulf countries are investing staggering sums brought about by the combination of the gigantic American trade deficit and the price of oil at more than $125 per barrel which have created an attendant pool of financial liquidity among […]

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