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Gas Pains: Central Asian Clash Impacts China’s Pipeline Plans

Via Eurasia Review, a report on the potential impact that recent Central Asian violence may have upon China’s pipeline construction plans: A fresh outbreak of border violence in Central Asia has raised doubts about China’s plan to start building a gas pipeline through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan this year. The deadly clash between border guards of […]

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Africa 8: Continental Drivers In the Future?

Courtesy of the Financial Times, an article on the Africa 8: We’ve had Brics and Biits, the Mints and the Fragile Five. It’s now Africa’s term to acquire an investment appellation: the Africa 8. This refers to the handful of Africa’s 56 countries that Ecobank, the Benin-based pan-African bank, believes will represent the main drivers […]

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Venezuela:Mortgaging Another$4B Of Oil Exports To China

Via Quartz, a report on another oil related transaction between Venezuela and China: The bigger the oil deal, the bigger the portrait. Chinese president Xi Jinping pledged $4 billion in loans to Venezuela while visiting president Nicolás Maduro this week. The agreement will raise Caraca’s existing debts to Beijing by almost 25%, to over $20 billion—money that the country […]

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Iran: Fourth In Crude Oil Reserves, Second In Natural Gas

Via Eurasia Review, a detailed look at Iran’s energy profile: Iran holds some of the world’s largest deposits of proved oil and natural gas reserves, ranking as the world’s fourth-and second-largest reserve holder of oil and natural gas, respectively. Iran also ranks among the world’s top 10 oil producers and top 5 natural gas producers. […]

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Ethiopia Becomes China’s China In Global Search For Cheap Labour

Via the Business of Fashion, a look at how China is now sourcing some of its work in Ethiopia: Ethiopian workers strolling through the parking lot of Huajian Shoes’ factory outside Addis Ababa last month chose the wrong day to leave their shirts untucked. Company President Zhang Huarong, just arrived on a visit from China, […]

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Frontier Markets = Biggest Terrorist Risk Spots In The World?

Via Business Insider, a report on the biggest terrorist risk spots in the world, some of which correlate with some of the more popular frontier markets: Leading global risk analytics firm Maplecroft has released its latest Terrorism and Security Dashboard. The dashboard tracked terrorist attacks over the 12-month period prior to July 1, and the results […]

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