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El Salvador To Open A Bitcoin Embassy in Texas

Via Bitcoin Magazine, a report on a new link between El Salvador and Texas, borne out of Bitcoin: After opening its first Bitcoin Embassy in Lugano, Switzerland, El Salvador is opening a second one in Texas. According to a tweet from El Salvador’s Ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, a meeting took place between her, other representatives […]

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Delivery App Hugo Crushed Uber in El Salvador, But Is Now Shutting Down

Via Rest of World, a look at the rise and fall of a local delivery app in El Salvador: From the moment it launched in 2017, Hugo, a last-mile delivery service that offered users everything from food and cash delivery to concert ticket collections, went toe-to-toe against Uber Eats and other global delivery giants. For […]

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China Circles El Salvador’s Economy As Country Edges Toward Crypto Plunge

Via The Guardian, a report on how El Salvador’s bet on bitcoin and its tumbling value has put the Central American country in a financially precarious spot that China is opportunistically capitalizing on: As crypto-Twitter cascaded with apocalyptic memes about the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the sharp drop in the bitcoin price, one account has remained […]

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Crypto Millionaires Pouring Money Into Central America To Build Their Own Cities

Via MIT Technology Review, an interesting story on crypto millionaires who are pouring money into Central America to build their own cities: Every day, a repurposed garbage truck ferries visitors up El Salvador’s Conchagua Volcano to an ecotourism retreat. The vehicle thunders along a cratered road, tossing passengers from side to side. At the summit, […]

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The Chinese Companies Trying To Buy Strategic Islands

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on the small businesses from China which are scouring the globe for important strips of land: Three years ago, Xu Changyu made his first attempt to get his hands on an island in the South Pacific. The vice-president of China Sam Enterprise Group quietly negotiated a 75-year lease […]

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Fraud, Funding Woes and a President Who Won’t Quit: El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment

Via BlockWorks, a report on El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment: Four months after bitcoin became legal tender, El Salvador citizens and businesses are taking longer to adjust than the president would like From a rocky economic situation to a troublesome crypto wallet, the country has faced challenges in getting the bitcoin program up and running At […]

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