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The Brics Are Dead… Long Live The Ticks

Courtesy of the Financial Times, a report on the decline of Brazil and Russia from an emerging market fund perspective: The Brics are dead. Long live the Ticks. The Brics concept, based on the belief that the quartet of Brazil, Russia and India and China would power an unstoppable wave of emerging markets-led economic growth, […]

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Iran: Back In Business

Via The New Yorker, a look at Iran’s business potential: Ostracized as a pariah for almost four decades, Iran is back in business in a mere ten days—and with both East and West. On Saturday, the Islamic Republic welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping—and a delegation of three deputy premiers, six cabinet ministers, and a planeload […]

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North Korea’s Economy

Via The Economist, a look at North Korea’s economy: A POWERFUL army usually depends on a strong economy. Not in North Korea. Per head, the country has more soldiers than any other: 1.2m out of a population of 25m. As well as a huge conventional arsenal, it also has a dozen nuclear warheads and spends […]

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Vietnam: Positive Progress

Via The Economist, a look at why foreign firms and investors are cheerful once more about Vietnam’s prospects: WHEN he left a job in banking to join a “company that sells fish sauce” in Vietnam, Michael Nguyen’s parents wondered if he was throwing away a lucrative career. Now a big cheese at Masan Group, one […]

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Iran Opening Stirs New Interest From Businesses

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on Iran’s economic opening: Iran is pushing full throttle to re-establish business with the rest of the world as Western companies move cautiously to renew ties abandoned during international economic sanctions that largely ended a week ago. Thorny legal hurdles still stand in the way of full […]

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Georgian Co-Investment Fund

Courtesy of OZY, an interesting look at the Republic of Georgia: George Bachiashvili always seems to get ahead of himself. He started school at 4, opened his first business (an Internet café) at 13 and finished high school at 15. But with his more recent spate of successes, there’s been a certain stately sugar daddy […]

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