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The Kazakhstan Gas Situation: Key Indicator of Things to Come?

Via New Eastern Outlook, commentary on Kazakhstan’s gas situation: The western assault on Russia and other rivals is economic. The military conflicts in Ukraine and elsewhere are only symptoms of the competition for the remaining resources that power world economies. This, as well all know, is abundantly clear. A perfect example of how the world […]

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More Difficulties For The Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Via The Diplomat, a report of difficulties for the Caspian Pipeline Consortium: In a press release on August 22, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium confirmed reports that it had suspended oil loading at two of its three single mooring points at the Black Sea terminal Yuzhnaya Ozereye, near the port of Novorossiysk. Reuters had reported on the suspension […]

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China To Lend $10B To Kazakhstan In Return For Oil Stake

Via Bloomberg, a report that China, the world’s second-biggest energy consumer, may agree next week on lending $10 billion to Kazakhstan in return for the right to take a stake in an oil producer in the Central Asian country.  As the article notes: “…China National Petroleum Corp. plans to buy a minority holding in AO […]

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KazMunaiGas and Shell Team Up For Kashagan Oil

According to Reuters, Kazakh state oil company KazMunaiGas will create a joint venture with Royal Dutch Shell to handle the production segment of the Kashagan oilfield.  As noted in the article: “…Energy Minister Sauat Mynbayev said KazMunaiGas would take over production-related operations at Kashagan in five years and join its new operational structure, according to […]

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Caspian Pipeline Politics: Gazprom’s Monopolistic Actions Backfiring

 As we have discussed many times previously, the existing pipeline architecture of Central Asia represents the regional imperialism of Cold War Russia, despite Turkmen and Kazakh flirtations with new Trans-Caspian pipeline projects to Azerbaijan to circumvent the Russian control over exports to Western Europe. A recent article by Robert M. Cutler of Carleton University in […]

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Big Oil Beaten In Kazakhstan

Two interesting articles (among many) on the conclusion of months of protracted negotiations that have landed Kazakhstan with double its previous stake in the lucrative Kashagan oil fields, at the expense of the world’s leading oil companies.  In a piece entitled “Big Oil Beaten in Kazakhstan”, Forbes notes: “…KazMunaiGaz, Kazakhstan’s state-owned energy company, is paying […]

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