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Re-Energizing Nabucco

Via Stratfor (subscription required), an analysis of the recent summit in Hungary for officials from countries interested in, or part of, the Nabucco natural gas pipeline project including Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Romania and Turkey. As the article notes: “…Nabucco is a planned 2,000 mile pipeline between Turkey and Austria to transport […]

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Noor and Far: Kuwaiti Investment In Gazprom

Via The New York Times, a report that Kuwaiti investment firm Noor Financial Investment Co. will join with the Russian oil and gas giant’s Gazprom Geofizika subsidiary to form one venture in Russia and another in Kuwait.  As the article notes: “…Both joint ventures will provide oil and gas production, repair and maintenance services. …Gazprom […]

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Russia and Iran: Emphasize “North-South” Routes vs. “East-West”

Via Windows on Eurasia, an analysis of the renewed interest in the development of three major north-south routes that would link Russia with Iran — via the Caspian Sea, via a railroad through Azerbaijan, and via pipelines from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan — a route that it is only half as long as the traditional sea […]

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China Invests in Liberia’s Mines

Via Terra Daily, a report that Liberia signed Thursday a 2.6 billion dollar agreement with Chinese conglomerate China Union to develop its main iron ore mine, the biggest ever investment in the West African nation. As the article notes “…President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf signed a mineral development agreement with officials from the Chinese mining company […]

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Peru: Delaying Its Planned Oil Change

Via The Associated Press, a report that low oil prices are forcing Peru’s government to reevaluate $2 billion it planned to invest in an oil refinery and new pipelines in the Amazon jungle. As the article notes “…Suspending the pipeline project could put Peru’s ambitions to become a net oil exporter on hold. The upgrades […]

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The New Great Game: Russia vs. The West over Caspian & Central Asian Energy Resources

Via World Politics Review, an in-depth summary of the new geostrategic “Great Game” between Russia and the West over the future of Caspian and Central Asian energy resources.  As the article notes, the prize resembles a set of traditional matreshka Russian dolls: the outermost doll represents the three nations bordering the Caspian itself — Azerbaijan, […]

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