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Myanmar: The Next Frontier?

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting article on Myanmar and the renewed investor interest as signs of a thaw between its government and Western leaders raise hopes of a possible end to Western sanctions: For now, the push is confined mainly to Asian companies that aren’t covered by tough sanctions imposed by the U.S. […]

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BRICs at 10

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on the growth and investment returns of the BRICs as they cross the age of 10: So, was he right? Ten years ago Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs looked at four growth economies – Brazil, China, India and Russia – put their first letters into an acronym, and […]

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Myanmar: Pivot Point Of China’s Grand Economic Strategy For Western China

Courtesy of the Global Times, a look at the impact that the United States’ recent efforts to engage Myanmar may have upon China’s long-term strategic interest in the country: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Myanmar, starting today, will further unnerve China, which has recently been increasingly worried that the aim of the […]

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Indian Consortium Wins $10bn Afghanistan Mines Deal

Via the BBC, a report that a consortium of Indian companies has won the right to develop some of Afghanistan’s large iron ore deposits.  As the article notes: “Seven Indian companies, led by the state-owned Steel Authority of India, won a $10.3bn (£6.6bn) deal to mine three sites in central Afghanistan. A fourth site was […]

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A Real Emerging Market?

Via Hedge Fund, a slightly dated (2010) but highly interesting and relevant article on emerging markets that most people may not think of: Emerging markets have done well. Most investors used to focus on “developed” nations due to the Asia crisis, Russia default and 1990s bubble. They missed excellent returns “overseas” but endured the uncompensated […]

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Exxon’s Big Gamble In Kurdistan

Via Foreign Policy, an article on Exxon Mobile’s big gamble in Kurdistan: Has ExxonMobil — the annoyingly prissy schoolboy who always obeys the teacher — risked weakening one of its distinguishing pillars in order to break into a single oil patch? And if so, could that shake up the global oil market along with geopolitics? […]

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