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Guyana’s Petroleum Future

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at Guyana’s petroleum future: Highlights ExxonMobil will start producing oil from offshore wells in Guyana by 2020. The country’s initial oil production is expected to begin at around 120,000 barrels per day. Guyana’s government likely will become dependent on oil revenue over the next decade. But greater oil […]

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Rosneft: Petroleum and Policy

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on Russia’s use of Rosneft, as a foreign policy instrument: Russia is increasingly wielding oil as a geopolitical tool, spreading its influence around the world and challenging the interests of the United States. But Moscow risks running into trouble, as it lends money and makes deals in turbulent […]

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India Starts Trade Route To Afghanistan Via Iran

Via the Iran Project, an update on the first shipment through Iran’s Chahbahar Port:  India on Sunday shipped its first consignment of wheat to Afghanistan by sea through Iran’s strategic Chahbahar Port, launching a trade route bypassing longtime rival Pakistan. The shipment, an Indian gift for Afghanistan, was sent from the western seaport of Kandla. It will be […]

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Ports, Pipelines, and Geopolitics: China’s New Silk Road Is a Challenge for Washington

Via Time, a report on the New Silk Road: On China’s remote western frontier with Kazakhstan, yurts and camels are silhouetted against a piercing blue sky. Yet the most striking image rising from the desert is an entirely new city. Founded four years ago, Khorgos is poised to become the world’s busiest inland port, a […]

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North Korea: From Famine to Free Markets

Via Business Insider, a look at how North Korea is incorporating free markets into its economy — and undergoing a ‘social revolution’ as a result: North Korea’s economy has advanced since the famine of the 1990s, and has begun encouraging entrepreneurship. Unlike earlier times, many citizens now earn wages instead of having the state provide everything […]

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Iran: Revolutionary Guards Inc.

Via the New York Times, an article on the business interests of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards: From its nine-story headquarters in an upscale neighborhood of Tehran, a giant construction company directs its operations across Iran, building mosques, airports, oil and gas installations, hospitals, and skyscrapers. Armed guards stand watch at the doors, and small posters […]

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