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China Widens South America Trade Highway with Silk Road Mega Port

Via The Frontier Post, a report on China’s effort to widen a South America trade highway with a Silk Road mega port in Peru: In September, a group of Brazilian farmers and officials arrived in the Peruvian fishing town of Chancay. The draw: a new Chinese mega port rising on the Pacific coast, promising to […]

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Japan’s Strategic Investment Offensive

Via Geopolitical Futures, a look at how – unlike Beijing – Tokyo is targeting specific regions in Central Asia and Latin America, as well as, sectors to enhance its influence: As Japan grows more ambitious as a regional leader, it has enhanced its diplomatic outreach accordingly. In late November, for example, reports emerged that Tokyo […]

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Full Metal Jackpot: Demand for “Green” Metals will Redraw the Global Mining Map

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at how he energy transition will mint new fortunes in surprising places: A net-zero global economy, if it materialises, will not just be carbon-neutral. It will also consume far fewer raw materials. Going from here to there, however, will require a heap of them. In the next few decades, […]

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US Raises Concern With Peru Over Chinese Control of Infrastructure

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on U.S. concern with Chinese control over Peruvian infrastructure such as the power supply to Lima and a megaport serving Pacific Cosco  at Chancay, 70km north of Lima, that will be capable of berthing some of the world’s largest cargo ships: The US has expressed concern to Peru […]

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Latin America: This Century’s Commodity Superpower?

Via The Economist, a look at how a growing, greening world will be ravenous for Latin America’s commodities: The ground approaching the salt flats in Chile’s Atacama desert is pockmarked with white crystals. Underneath sit vast deposits of lithium salts, the ore for the soft, light metal used to make high-capacity batteries. Pumps run by sqm, […]

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The DRC: World’s New No. 2 Copper Supplier

Via Bloomberg, a report on the DRC’s continued growth in copper production: The Democratic Republic of Congo displaced Peru as the second-biggest copper exporter last year, official data from the two countries show, in a changing of the guard for the mining industry. While the numbers used in the chart below refer to shipments rather […]

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